OneWorld-Team NZ detente

Further smoothing of the waters between the warring factions

Tuesday August 20th 2002, Author: Bob Ratcliffe, Location: Australasia
The OneWorld Challenge America's Cup team and Team New Zealand met late yesterday and came to resolution on the current outstanding issues between the teams resulting in a further filing today before the America's Cup Arbitration Panel (ACAP) by OneWorld that withdraws the Application filed on 13 August 2002, against Team New Zealand. The filing will also request that the panel return the three canisters of stolen plans, currently being held by the ACAP Registrar, to OneWorld's Seattle legal counsel, as evidence, in the US Federal Court case against Sean St. Leger Reeves.

OneWorld and Team New Zealand met and OneWorld was satisfied that the actions taken by Team New Zealand to deal with the delivery of the OneWorld Challenge plans was entirely appropriate under the circumstances, and that accordingly no breach of the protocol has occurred.

"I first met the men at Team New Zealand when Craig McCaw became one of their sponsors in America's Cup XXX. I have always felt that we could be honest and direct with one another. I believe we have settled any potential issues that have been or could possibly come between our teams and my hope now is that the next time we meet, it is on the waters of the Hauraki Gulf." said Gary Wright, CEO of OneWorld

Last week OneWorld received a ruling from the ACAP on an application that it had filed eight months prior, which dealt with a series of technical and inadvertent violations of the protocol that OneWorld had uncovered during an internal investigation following the termination of Mr. Reeves employment. The team was penalized one point to be deducted at the end of the first two Round Robins of the Louis Vuitton Cup and assessed USD $13,500 in costs.

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