The Outlaw

UBS Challenge winner and much capped 'enfant terrible' of our sport, Chris Law, gives madforsailing his views on the AC and GBR Challenge
When Chris Law retired from professional sailing two years there were reactions in the yacht racing community ranging from relief to disappointment. Law, who might be described as a firey personality, has made a whole host of good friends and bitter enemies during an impressive yachting career that has included Olympic campaigns and culminated at the helm of the last British America's Cup challenger in 1986. Now the man who proudly became a grandfather shortly before his 50th birthday recently is back and back with a vengeance yesterday winning the Swedish Match Tour's UBS Challenge in Newport, Rhode Island against some formidable America's Cup helms such as Peter Gilmour and Kenny Read. "I retired two years ago and I was quite happy to retire - I thought I was coming to the end of my days," said Law when madfor sailing caught up with him in Newport. "But I found that I missed it. I missed most of all the people, my friends from different countries. I enjoy the venues and I enjoy the sport. I don't need to prove myself any longer. We had a great match racing team with Shag, Andy and Jules. We won nine grade one events. I believe we were in 25 semi finals and finals over a 2-3 years period and we were ranked number two for quite a considerable period. "Now I find that the events invite me and really good guys are available to sail with me which is a great compliment. For example a lot of the Volvo round the world race guys, like Dirk de Ridder, who's just won on illbruck - he's coming with me whenever he can. My bowman here is Jeff Brock who has just done the bow on Amer Sports One with Grant Dalton. I mean