A Typical Race Day

In this extract from his new book, Ben Ainslie gives us his approach to the big day...
The following is an extract from Ben Ainslie's new book, the Laser campaign manual - winning secrets from the Olympic Gold medallist published by Fernhurst Books Price: £19.95 (ISBN 1 898660 90 5). Tel: +44 (0) 1903 882277 This is an example of a normal race day at a major regatta. Wake up and go for a slow/medium jog for 10-30 minutes with the emphasis being on stretching as much as possible to loosen you up for the day's racing. Have a decent breakfast and read the paper or a book to help you relax. Pack your sailing kit and accessories. It might be useful to have a check list so that you don't forget anything vital, like your brain. Try to arrive at the boat park about two hours before the start time of the first race. This will give you about an hour to sort out your boat before going afloat. Firstly turn your boat over and give it a wash and tip it up to check for water inside the hull (even if it was clean it is still reassuring to check). Rig up your boat making sure to double check fittings and ropes. Once you are happy that the boat is all set, go and check the noticeboard and try to get hold of the weather forecast. A decent weather forecast may help you decide on how to approach the day's racing and may answer questions like 'Do I need a raincoat to keep me warm between races?' 'Do I need heavy or light air hiking shorts, or both?' 'Should I have my light or heavy mainsheet?' The weather forecast will also help you to start running through the race strategy in your head. If you have a coach go through the forecast with them as they