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Mark Chisnells comments on the structure of the America's Cup has brought in a huge response this week. However all concerned firmly believe the 'winner takes all' nature of the cup is what makes the event so special From Bruce Copeland: The risk and win/lose everything nature of the AC is what attracts the big spending billionaire risk takers club, which has always been the AC circus. Don't worry about continuity, it may die away and the billionaires and sponsors will go elsewhere but the event can then emerge again in another fresh form. This evolutionary cycle is good for the sport, if no one wants it, bury it until it can be recreated. In terms of bidding for the event, NZ and other small players would never compete in these Olympic style political / money games - we can't even co-host the Rugby World Cup. Under the current situation anyone can go and take it if the time is right and they want it badly enough. These quirky, nonsensical elements are the AC. They aren't problems they are great - unless of course you need a steady job! Jesse Deupree does not want to see sailing go the same way as Formula 1 Mark is right only if all he cares about is money for the sailors. Look at Formula 1- Bernie Ecclestone is crooked, the racing is crooked, and it is just a spectacle- how often is there an on track pass? It is an awful structure for the America's Cup to emulate. Believe it or not, NASCAR is the sport that has done the best job of embracing sponsors and having great sport as well. Jesse Deupree Nick Daniels believes the competition should stay the way it is No, he is not right. It is the very nature of the winner takes all