GBR Challenge newsletter

GBR-78 to leave Cowes this Saturday...and other news
The GBR Challenge team have been very busy at both ends of the earth this past month with the GBR Challenge crew stepping up their training in New Zealand and plenty of behind the scenes activity at home. While the fickle Auckland weather has become the hot topic of conversation, leaving our meteorologist Fiona Campbell poring over satellite maps, GBR Chairman Peter Harrison has been occupied with the transportation of our second Americas Cup boat, GBR78, to New Zealand. This has presented an interesting challenge, not only for Peter Harrison as flying the boat out represents an additional cost onto an existing £22.5 million budget, but also for project manager of the boat build Paul Jennings, who has had to do some fancy footwork convincing suppliers we still needed materials quickly to finish the boat, without letting the cat out of the bag that we would be sending it to New Zealand. Having another boat to train against gives our dedicated GBR crew equal footing with the other Americas Cup Challengers and also provides a backup should something go wrong. Flying the boat to New Zealand as opposed to marine shipping saves five weeks, which equates to invaluable training time for the crew to practice on two new generation boats. GBR78 is scheduled to leave Cowes on 3 August - the first day of Skandia Life Cowes Week - and will board a plane to Auckland two days later. She will pass by the Royal Yacht Squadron on Saturday 3rd August in the early evening so you can catch a glimpse of this awesome yacht before she leaves Britain. GBR Challenge will have a stand down in the Yacht Haven where you will be able to find out how GBR Challenge are progressing and the Musto store on the main street will be