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Following RORC's announcement to move the venue of the Admiral's Cup, the Royal St George YC have issued a statement about this turnaround in events

Friday November 1st 2002, Author: Sandra McMullen, Location: United Kingdom
The Royal St. George Yacht Club (RStGYC) has issued a statement expressing its regret and disappointment at the announcement by The Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) of their decision to move next year's Admiral's Cup from Dun Laoghaire next July back to Cowes.

In RORC's announcement they stated "the RORC and the Royal St. George Yacht Club had not been able to agree the criteria required to run an event at the highest level of international sailing".

The RStGYC was first notified of the unilateral decision to cancel this event in Dun Laoghaire at 8.00pm on Tuesday, 29 October 2002. The decision of RORC was released 24 hours later allowing no opportunity for discussion on the decision.

The RStGYC is shocked and upset at this sudden turn of events, particularly as discussions had commenced as far back as January 2002 resulting in a formal agreement in May 2002.

The RStGYC wishes to put on record that it is not aware of any "criteria required to run an event at the highest level of international sailing" upon which the RORC and the RStGYC have not been able to agree.

The RStGYC has considerable experience in the management of major sailing events including in recent years ISAF World, European and National Championships.

It was part of the formal agreement that the RORC would lead the "on the water" activities (which includes race management) and that the RStGYC would lead the "on shore" activities for the event.

On the water:
The following had been agreed:
(a) Outline of the event
(b) Team entry criteria
(c) Provisional race schedule
(d) Boat criteria (IRC endorsed and IMS 600)
(e) Crewing qualification
(f) Appointment of Principal Race Officer and Assistant Race Officer

On shore:
Substantial progress had been made in the following areas:
(a) Offers of significant sponsorship have been secured including title
and co-sponsor
(b) Television Production with international distribution
(c) Assembly of local volunteer group
(d) Provision of accommodation reservation service
(e) Outline of social programme
(f) Appointment of event public relations service provider
(g) Securing the support of national and local dignitaries and local

The RStGYC does not propose to make any further comment on this matter.

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