A day of sandbanks and Vascotto

At the Nation's Cup match racing in Trieste

Wednesday June 18th 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: Italy
In the second day of the Nation’s Cup 2003 match racing in Trieste, the teams fielded by the two America's Cup team Alinghi and OneWorld are in the lead.

Today four races were sailed while and two races were cancelled by the International Jury, headed by Luciano Giacomi. All races were sailed light winds of only 5-7 knots.

The first teams to race were the English GBR Challenge against OneWorld. From almost the start the British were trailing and could not catch up to the American team led by Australian James Spithill.

The second race was between the Swedes on Victory Challenge led by Magnus Holmberg and Oracle, represented by Tommaso Chieffi. The Swedish team lead for the entire race, until they got stuck on a sandbank. Because of this incident the race was annulled by the race committee.

A point was awarded to the British GBR Challenge when they won against the local team Mascalzone Latino with Vasco Vascotto steering. After a great start from the Italian team, a wind shift caused them to lose their advantage costing them the race coming in 15 seconds after the Brits.

It was also an unlucky day for Tommaso Chieffi on Oracle, who saw his second race cancelled while leading OneWorld when this time the American team ended up on the same sandbank as the Swedes had earlier.

The Swiss Alinghi, easily beat GBR Challenge in their first race of the day, with a lead of 44 seconds thanks to an impeccable start.

A hard fought Italian showdown took place later in afternoon came between Oracle's skipper Chieffi against Vascotto. Chieffi was first to accept a penalty followed by Vascotto and finally after a tough duel, Vascotto was able to take advantage of a wind shift and bring home his first point for the Mascalzone Latino team.

Clearly in winning form Vascotto then went on to pull off another win in another intense race against Alinghi. Mascalzone Latino is to date the only team to beat the Swiss in the Nation's Cup.

The overall results sees both Alinghi and OneWorld leading the Nation’s Cup:

Points 2: Alinghi, OneWorld, Mascalzone Latino
Points 1: Victory Challenge, GBR Challenge, Oracle Racing

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