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Monday September 8th 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom
Andrew Preece Productions have a couple of programmes airing in the next month in the UK on Sky Sports (look out for more information on international broadcast).

A day in the Life of Skandia Cowes Week 2003 follows four main protagonists as they survive an English heatwave and enjoy one of the most memorable Cowes Weeks ever. We rise before six with the ITV weather team and meet Iain Percy on the dockside as he scrambles from bed and onto live national television. We meet Betty Moore who was taking part in her 56th consecutive Cowes Week and walk the docksides as she remembers the J-Class. We go sailing with the Girls 4 Sail team as they emulate their hero Ellen MacArthur and we catch up with Team New Zealand’s Cameron Appleton at the helm of a Euro Prix 45. And as Iain Percy gives masterclass tuition out on the water we sail on board Charles Dunstone’s 75-foot sled Nokia for the Britainnia Cup.

A Day in the Life of Skandia Cowes Week goes behind the scenes with Regatta Director Stuart Quarrie and onto the hallowed boards of the Royal Yacht Squadron platform where racing is started and finished. And after a trip round the beer tents, the Pimms parties and the balls, we wind up on the barge in Cowes Roads as the finale firework show is set off.

Lonely Planet is the story of the 2002/03 Around Alone Race, the longest single-handed race in the world. The entrants – from the UK, France, Japan, Italy, America, Switzerland, Canada and New Zealand – came from all walks of life to realise dreams, take loans from ex-wives to compete or fight to win at the top end of the scale. It was a remarkable story packed with images of life alone on Christmas day, fighting the elements from the top of the mast with noone on deck for comfort and safety.

At the head of the fleet the likes of Bernard Stamm, Thierry Dubois, Simone Bianchetti (who tragically died just a month after the finish) and Emma Richards were battling for glory, behind them were a fleet of spirited competitors who were fighting to summit their private ‘horizontal Everests’.

It is a compelling story, and a contrast to life in the all-out grand prix races where the camera is seen as a hinderance and the guard is rarely down.

Transmission Details
Saturday September 13th 1430 Sky Sports Xtra
Sunday September 14th 0730 Sky Sports 3
Sunday September 14th 1730 Sky Sports Xtra
Monday September 15th 0030 Sky Sports Xtra
Monday September 15th 0630 Sky Sports 1
Tuesday September 16th 1530 Sky Sports 3

Monday September 22nd 1830 Sky Sports 2
Monday September 22nd 2400 Sky Sports Xtra
Tuesday September 23rd 0400 Sky Sports 2
Tuesday September 23rd 1400 Sky Sports 2

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