K-One Design 33

A new Mini ACC boat from the board of Juan Kouyoumdjian
Alongside their prospective bid for the America's Cup, so K-Yachting have conceived and are now marketing a new one design, primarily aimed at match racing. Designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian, currently of the Prada design team, K-Yachting's Stephane Kandler says that the K-One Design 33, is best described as a mini America's Cup Class yacht. "It’s strange - the 12m had the smaller classes, so why doesn't the America’s Cup have a smaller class now?" From their experience selling Mumm 30s and being involved in the management of class rules such as the IC45, Kandler says they learned several lessons. "It is interesting because when you look at the market, the Dragon, 6 metre and 5.5 metre classes, they are the most active classes on the water and they are the oldest boats." He says that often the owners of these spend more on their boats than a Mumm 30 owner might. "And then you have all these newer concepts like Farr 40 and Mumm 30s, but they are more dedicated to high level racing with top sailors. And we thought about all the things and what we heard from our customers who were saying ‘this is not right - people buy a Mumm 30 and sell it after two years because it is too technical’ and so on. So we thought about this and then the problem of towing the boats from one harbour to another. So we said, okay we need a small America’s Cup boat." Kandler adds they could do with such a boat in any case for their training with their America's Cup challenge. As the lines below show, the new K-One Design 33 is very mini-ACC in its appearance with slab sides and long overhangs. Beneath the water it has a high aspect ratio rudder, a substantial bulb