LIVE UPDATE: America's Cup day 5

Could this be the last for TNZ? James Boyd reports live from on the water

Saturday March 1st 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: Australasia
Today could see the America's Cup go game, set and match towards Alinghi. Currently out on the Gulf there are very summery conditions, the sun is out but with light winds compared to yesterday.

General Synopsis: Dissipating low-pressure (1010 mb) 50 miles east of North Cape. High-pressure (1029 mb) positioned 500 miles east of the Cook Straits and clearing to the east. Vigorous Southern Ocean low-pressure (979 mb) 500 miles south of South Island, with an active cold front extending north west into the Tasman Sea to affect the Auckland area on Monday.

Winds: NE 7-12 knots.

Partly cloudy with a chance of an isolated shower. Air temperatures 21-24degC. Moderate to choppy seas with a one metre NE swell easing through the day.


12:45 Start looks like it is going to be on time (at 1.15pm). Wind is getting a little lighter. Spectator fleet much diminished compared to previous weekends (we estimate about 200 boats, possibly about one tenth the number from the first weekend). General sense of interest in the event, but apathy that the Cup is heading Alinghi's way. Many are still betting on Team New Zealand winning today. Let's face it, this is not a boat breaking day.

Team New Zealand were burning the midnight oil last night swopping the rig from NZL81 across to 82.

12:50 WInd speed up the course - 5.9 knots on the race committee boat. But they think they are going to go with it.

1:05 Postponement. Will keep you posted. Looks like a good sea breeze day.

2:15 Not looking hopeful. Wind completely dropped off. Team New Zealand say that they have 3.4 knots. They are unhopeful of getting a race off today.

3:10 Still no action. Not looking promising. Beautiful day - no wind.

3:15 Racing canned, but the sun tan is coming on well...

Team New Zealand (NZL-82) v. Alinghi (SUI-64)
Bowman Jeremy Lomas Foredeck Dean Phipps
Mid Bowman Matt Mitchell Foredeck Curtis Blewett
Mastman Nick Heron Mastman Francesco Rapetti
Pitman Jared Henderson Pitman Josh Belsky
Runner/Pit Barry McKay * Grinder Kai Bjorn
Grinder Jono Macbeth Grinder Will McCarthy
Grinder Rob Waddell Genoa Trimmer Simon Daubney
Grinder Chris Ward Trimmer Richard Bouzaid
Trimmer James Dagg Grinder Dominik Neidhart
Trimmer Grant Loretz Mainsail Traveller Murray Jones *
Mainsheet Trimmer Tony Rae * Mainsail Trimmer Warwick Fleury
Afterguard Adam Beashel * Grinder Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyzen *
Afterguard Peter Evans Strategist Jochen Schuemann
Afterguard Bertrand Pace Navigator Ernesto Bertarelli
Navigator Mike Drummond Tactician Brad Butterworth *
Skipper Dean Barker Helmsman/Skipper Russell Coutts
17 th Person 17 th Person

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