Half Ton Cup

Notice of Race for this revamped event to be published imminently

Thursday March 6th 2003, Author: Alain Schuermans, Location: France
The Notice of Race for the newly revamped Half Ton Cup, to be held at the Belgium port of Nieuwpoort on 18-23 August is to be published this week.

The wait has been due to the Belgium organisers getting on board sponsors, who have now signed up in the form of telecom operator and 60ft trimaran sponsor, Belgacom and Beggerwerken Decloeft who are in the dredging and environment business. Marine sponsors offering prize have been found in the form of both NKE and Raymarine, while Belgian transportation company Devriendt-Hansmar have come on board to offer competitors to bring their Half Tonners to Nieuwpoort by road.

To date the organisers have received 75 requests for information from eight European countries as well as the States and Australia. They have 11 confirmed entries have been received so far, the latest being David Evans' Hullabaloo XV, a Hustler 32 from 1978. Waverider, winner of the Half Ton Cup in 1978 and 1979, will be sailed by a team of young Belgian dinghy sailors.

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