AUDIO: AC day one post race press conference

Dean Barker and Tom Schnackenberg answer questions about today's breakage
Bruno Trouble asks Dean Barker about all the water coming on board and what they will do about it. Clip 1. Tom Schnackenberg talks about the bailers that seemed ineffective today and why the boom broke in clip 2. He feels that the effect of the booms was not related to the jib tack. He also admits that they have not sailed hard in conditions as strong as they experienced today. Dean Barker explains when the tack broke - just out of tack. In clip 3 Tom Schnackenberg talks about the boom, while Dean Barker talks about Team New Zealand's situation now. In clip 4 Schnack gives the forecast for tomorrow - substantially less than today. Dean Barker admits that they also experienced problems of the B boat today and replies to a question from Peter Montgomery about the course