AUDIO - Ian Walker and Roy Heiner

We complain about the lack of racing; Walker on Sunday's debacle; Oracle's Roy Heiner gives his assessment of the form
Too much wind, too little wind, too shifty wind - the America's Cup race committee is beginning to remind me of London Transport, where the slightest anomaly in the weather is the excuse for prolonged delay. While it is not London commuters at stake here in Auckland, there are clearly some disillusioned America's Cup spectators. On both days there were huge crowds packed around the Viaduct Basin here in Auckland and a large assembled spectator fleet amassed outside the entrance to the marina. On Saturday when the call that there would be no racing was made early on it seemed that the message to go home had not been received, but thankfully several members of Team New Zealand made a brief foray out of the harbour in a team RIB to placate fans and tongue-tied TV presenters alike. Whether it was due to the delays or simply the home team being 3-0 down to Alinghi, there were many less spectators boats on the Gulf to see the action when the two teams did emerge from their bases to wallow around yesterday. Alinghi's two boats sailed up the course and back down again and as GBR Challenge skipper Ian Walker suggests in our audio clip below - surely many spectators must have been wondering what on earth the problem was? We have met several people who have flown in to experience some America's Cup racing only to have been in town for almost a week and seen no racing. Hopefully the victors will put this to rights in their protocol for the next Cup. Ed Gorman described it as being like watching the first half of the Cup Final and having to come back a week later to watch the second half. In this audio clip, following Sunday's third attempt to get