AUDIO: America's Cup - day 3

We speak to America's Cup legend John Bertrand, Ian Walker and Grant Dalton and get the comments from participants post race
We'll be adding to these audio reports after the racing today. This morning we caught up with the venerable John Bertrand, the man who prised the Cup off the New York Yacht Club in 1983 aboard the radical wing keeled Australia II. Listen to our interview here. After the racing that saw Alinghi take their third race off Team New Zealand we got the impressions of the day's racing from Ian Walker. He was impressed by Alinghi's start and how Coutts and his team were able to change their game plan prior to the start and says that the hula doesn't seem to make NZL82 "leap out of the water". We also spoke to the old rascal of the Ocean Race Grant Dalton who thinks Russell, Brad and the boys "are just better". The post race press conference was attended by Alinghi's Murray Jones and Team New Zealand's Dean Barker and Hamish Pepper. In this clip Murray Jones takes about how they made the call to go right 7 minutes before the start - despite talk on board indicating they wanted the left and ensuring Team New Zealand headed in that direction. Dean Barker is quizzed by Bruno Trouble about the speed of Team New Zealand and the side of the course call made prior to the start. Click here to hear it. TNZ tactician Hamish Pepper responds to when he thought the RH side of the course was going to pay going up the crucial first beat. Dean Barker was asked if he felt it was time for a crew change. He doesn't think so. Tellingly he also explains what he meant by the confusion they were in during the pre-start.