Morty's viewpoint

Farr's Peter Morton gives the thumbs up to the new Grand Prix rule
Peter Morton, head of Farr International (UK) told us yesterday that as soon as the new Grand Prix Rule is published next September he will be going ahead with the construction of a new Farr design built to the new 40ft class rule by Ovington Boats. For RORC, ORC and US Sailing this is a thumbs up from one of the most influential figures in our sport. Here Morton gives his views as to why. TheDailySail: What do you think about the new rule? Peter Morton: I’m aboslutely in favour of a new grand prix rule for two reasons: Firstly it is needed, and secondly IRC needs protection. I think the difference this time [compared to the introduction of IR2000] is that there is more than just one organisation behind it and also it appears that they have the commitment of some race organisers to support it at the same time. So I think the lessons learned from IRM hopefully this time will be corrected. The people I have spoken to say that the rule is going to encourage fast boats for their length and not slow boats and boats like the Mumm 30 and Farr 52 and Ker 11.3 are fast boats for their length. I think anything that is fast for its length is good and anything that encourages big boats to go slow is bad. People don’t mind spending money to go faster, but people don’t like to spend money to go slower. Whether the little boat will be a success… I suspect the 40 footer will be interesting which is why we are committing to do a 40 footer, as soon as the rule is published and Ovington is going to build it. I think the 40 footer will be the one that initially goes, because it was