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Presented to German Frers at Zegna Trophy

Sunday May 16th 2004, Author: Zegna Trophy, Location: Italy
At the Teatrino di Portofino yesterday afternoon, Paolo Zegna, Co CEO of the Ermenegildo Zegna Group and Carlo Croce, President of the Yacht Club Italiano, presented the Argentine yacht designer Germán Frers with the 'A Life for Sailing' Award 2004. The award, presented every two years, is a deserved tribute to those who have dedicated their lives and careers to sailing, significantly contributing to spreading its popularity.

Following the award ceremony an interesting round table discussion has been organised together with Philippe Starck and Andrea Pininfarina, on the subject 'One off: lines and shapes from thought to reality'. On the stage, together with the designers, there was Alessandro Cecchi Paone, one of the most popular Italian scientific journalists. A maxi screen was installed outside the 'Teatrino' with live images of the meeting.

The designers illustrated their carrier, marking the most significant steps in relation with the design, in nautical field and not only. The public participated actively, with many question on the design's world and, above all, on the philosophy of the One Off object, something custom made, like a tailor's suit, to respond the owner's desires, though leaving the designer a lot of freedom.

Frers, who was accompanied by his son Germàn Frers Jr, said: "I am very happy and honoured to receive this prize; It is fantastic that I keep receiving prizes for something I love doing. I want to thank all my teachers, starting from my father to Olin J. Stephens II; people who I owe a lot. I remember Gianni Agnelli's Stealth, a very beautiful boat where I was totally free to follow my instinct".

Andrea Pininfarina said he loves to look at boats or other objects of design because he firmly believes in: "The transversal ideas that link different fields. What I love in designing boats is that there is no limits, especially in dimensions". Phillippe Starck, unconventional as always, broke down the traditional schemes, showing a futuristic, awesome project for a 130ft power boat, almost fantastic. "Whenever I project a boat I am focused on the person who will sail on her; this is my main goal".

Saturday evening there will be the annual owner and crew dinner at the Brown Castle, one of the most charming venues in Portofino.

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