Aera ensnares the mark

Aera ensnares the mark

Aera ahead on IMS despite mark encounter

Barby MacGowan reports from day two of the New York YC Annual Regatta

Sunday June 13th 2004, Author: Barby MacGowan, Location: United States
Sunny skies and fair weather repeated for the second day of the New York Yacht Club’s 150th Annual Regatta presented by Rolex. And for a second day, a dying northerly in the morning challenged the race committee and gave sailors aboard the 120 competing boats a run for their money. Two circles sailed on Rhode Island Sound while another, including two classes of a new division for classic yachts, sailed "up the (Narragansett) Bay." At both course venues, the light wind caused race committees to abandon races, but in the end, all 15 classes sailed at least one race each. Some classes used scores from yesterday’s Around the Island Race in today’s score line, while others did not.

Starting with a fresh slate today were the largest boats in IMS Class 1, which included the three sister-ship Farr 60s Rima, Harrier and Numbers. Numbers, owned by Dan Meyers looked smart with a victory in the first of two races and an impressive complement of Alinghi team members, including 2004 America’s Cup Hall of Fame inductee Brad Butterworth, Simon Daubney, Warwick Fleury and Dean Phipps. Nick Lykiardopulo’s Anglo-Greek entry Aera, however, won the second race to lead the fleet in overall standings after today. Joe Dockery’s Carerra, the scratch boat in the class, had a difficult day, snagging an anchor rode on a mark in the first race and withdrawing from the second race when a foredeck crewmember fell through the forward hatch. Aera also snared the weather mark but carried out a penalty turn.

The grandeur of the grand prix boats on the open water was upstaged only by the beauty of the 12-metres and other historically significant classic yachts in the surrounding beauty of the upper Bay. Jed Pearsall’s and Bill Doyle’s restored New York 30 Amorita won its single race to top the scoreboard in its Classics class. The boat is one of only 18 designed (12 remain today) back in 1905 and will celebrate its 100 anniversary next year. Amazingly, another of the New York 30s, Cara Mia, owned by Alfred Slanetz, shared the race course and finished third after Angelita, Samuel Croll’s 8-metre sloop that won America its first gold medal at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1932.

"We had not started a race when the northerly died and the race committee abandoned a race they had started for the classes ahead of us," said Doyle, who skippered Amorita. "In Newport you usually wait for the afternoon southerly to kick in, but when the wind picked up it was a northerly again. They started the other classes again and when we were ready to start, the wind changed dramatically to the south. We started on a reach and ended up finishing downwind, but it actually ended up being a great race."

Makoto Uematsu’s Esmeralda maintained its lead in the TP52 East Coast Championships after winning two races today. In Farr 40s, Jim Richardson’s Barking Mad turned in two first-place finishes and a second to rise to the top of the scoreboard. The Mumm 30 class also enjoyed three races today and Richard Perini’s Foreign Affair currently leads the fleet, having come from Sydney to prepare for next fall’s Worlds in Toronto.

The Annual Regatta is part of the biennial Onion Patch Series, which also includes the Newport-Bermuda Race, starting June 18, and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club’s Anniversary Regatta, starting June 25.

Results (Protests Pending)
Day 2

IMS Class 1 (8 boats)
1. Aera, Jez Fandstone, England, 5-1, 5.75
2. Numbers, Dan Meyers, Boston, Mass., 1-5, 5.75
3. Harrier, Stephen Munger, Greenwich, Conn., 2-4, 6

IMS Cruiser/Racer Class 3 (6 boats)
1. Ptarmigan, Lawrence Dickie, Old Greenwich, Conn., 1-1, 1.5
2. Cabaret, Bob Limoggio, Little Neck, N.Y., 2-2, 4
3. Nova, Mark DiStefano, New York, N.Y., 4-3, 7

IMS Cruiser/Racer Class 4 (13 boats)
1. Temptress, Richard Shulman, Providence, R.I., 1-1, 1.5
2. Sforzando, Blair Brown, Newton, Mass., 2-2, 4
3. Wanderer, William Cushman, Reading Ridge, Conn., 3-3, 6

IMS Cruiser/Racer Class 5 (13 boats)
1. Amadeus, Udo Schroff, East Greenwich, R.I., 4-1, 4.75
2. Crescendo, Martin Jacobson, Greenwich, Conn., 2-4, 6
3. Aura, William Kardash, Annapolis, Md., 3-3, 6

IMS S45 Class 6 (6 boats)
Goombay Smash, William Douglass, Stamford, Conn., 1-1, 1.5
Vim, Craig Speck, Grand Rapids, Mich., 2-3, 5
Alliance, Dominick Porco, New York, N.Y., 4-2, 6

12 Metre Class 1 (7 boats)
1. Courageous, Craig Mallard, Greenwich, Conn., 1, .75
2. Hissar, Edgar Cato, Miami, Fla., 2, 2
3. Freedom, Ernest Jacquet, Watch Hill, R.I., 3, 3

PHRF Class 2 (12 boats)
1. Irie, Brian Cunha, Newport, R.I., 1, .75
2. Troubador, Morton Weintraub, Larchmont, N.Y., 2, 2
3. Katabatic, Gordon Hall, Marblehead, Mass., 3, 3

PHRF Class 3 (11 boats)
1. Mischief, David Schwartz, Smithfield, R.I., 1, 1
2. Quokka, Tom Peelen, S. Dartmouth, Mass., 2, 2
3. Coconut, Tom D’Albora, Warwick, R.I., 3, 3

NYYC Cruising Class 4 (4 boats)
1. Flying Cloud, Gordon McNabb, Dover, Mass., 1, .75
2. Defiance, Peter Noonan, 2, 2
3. Penache, Mark Shakley, New York, N.Y., 3, 3

Classics Class 5 (5 boats)
1. Bolero, Edward Kane, Concord, Mass., 1, .75
2. Fortune, Don Glassie, Newport, R.I., 2, 2
3. Nirvana, David Ray, Newport, R.I., 3, 3

Classics Class 6 (3 boats)
1. Amorita, Jed Pearsall/Bill Doyle, Newport, R.I. 1, .75
2. Angelita, Samuel Croll III, Rye, N.Y., 2, 2
3. Cara Mia, Alfred Slanetz, Cohasset, Mass., 3, 3

J/105 (14 boats)
1. Indefatigable, Philip Lotz, New Canaan, Conn., 4-1-2, 6.75
2. Kima, Nelson Weiderman, Wakefield, R.I., 1-2-4, 6.75
3. Cyan, William Baldwin, New York, N.Y., 5-3-1, 8.75

TP52 (5 boats)
1. Esmeralda, Makoto Uematsu, Tokyo, Japan, 1-1-1, 2.25
2. Rosebud, Roger Sturgeon, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 4-2-2, 8
3. Lightwave, David Ford, Waban, Mass., 3-4-3, 10

Farr 40 (11 boats)
1. Barking Mad, Jim Richardson, Newport, R.I./Boston, Mass., 4-4-3-1-1-2, 15
2. Virago, Stuart/Margwen Townsend, Chicago, Ill., 3-5-2-8-2-5, 25
3. Phishfood, Alexis Michas, New York, N.Y., 2-3-4-7-4-6, 26

Mumm 30 (8 boats)
1. Foreign Affair, Richard Perini, Sydney, Aus., 3-2-1-6-3-2, 16.75
2. Teambold, Nelson Stevenson, Southport, Conn., 1-1-8-4-1-4, 18.25

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