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Monday August 9th 2004, Author: Telefonica, Location: none selected
2005 year will be the new stage for the regattas team Bribón, which after 10 years participating in the most important regattas in the world, with pure IMS boats, decided to order a design, among Transpac 52 class, for its fourteenth boat for the Bribón team.

The idea of the new Bribón XIV being a Transpac 52 was conceived this spring during the participation in the Freixenet Regatta, in Barcelona.

After several seasons, José Cusí, as owner of Bribón and other European owners, were waiting that the union of ORC (Offshore Racing Council), RORC (Royal Ocean Racing Club) and US Sailing (United States Sailing) to agree the parameters of the new Grand Prix Rule, but due to some disagreements, US Sailing pulled out of this partnership in April 2004.

Because of this and the demand to make decision about building a new boat for the 2005 season the Bribon team have decided to build a Transpac 52, on the basis that it is estimated that within two years there will be ten boats of this type in Europe.

For the 2005 regattas season, the schedule for the Transpac 52 class in Europe will form a part of the IMS regattas, and will begin in May in Barcelona, will continue in June in Italy, before returning in July to Valencia, Spain and on to the Breitling Cup and the Copa del Rey.

It is believed that the new Bribon will be from Farr Yacht Design.

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