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Andi Robertson reports from day three of the Bell Lawrie Scottish Series

Monday May 31st 2004, Author: Andi Robertson, Location: United Kingdom
With the sunshine and rising temperature burning off the early breeze on Loch Fyne, racing was at its most frustrating at the Bell Lawrie Scottish Series today where Keith Miller's Swan 45 eased into the overall lead of Class 1 with a first and a second place from the two races sailed.

Both races were marred by big wind shifts, but the first was the better contest. Raced in a steady south easterly which faded at times the Olympic course became processional down the two reaches.

Miller made a less than perfect start to the first race, but the Crackerjack crew worked their way into the lead and were able to keep the boat moving well to hold off the chartered Ker 11.3 Kerisma which took second place.

"Staying consistent was the key to day, keeping the boat moving at all times and we managed to do that. It was not easy so we are pretty happy with our day," admitted Miller.

Erstwhile Class leader Jonathan Anderson on the Beneteau First 47.7 Playing FTSE failed to rally in the light going in the bigger boat and they now lie third overall, and must be praying for a little more breeze.

It was the pair of Swans - Crackerjack and Fever - which managed to escape completely on the second leg of the second race, while the chasing pack were marooned for too long, swallowed by a calm at the leeward mark. Fever managed to just get their bow ahead on the finish line, getting suspiciously close to the finish buoy, but they narrowly won on handicap from Crackerjack in second.

In Class 2 John Corson's new Bavaria Match 38 has not looked the most competitive boat in the fleet in the light but the combination of Corson's experience and the tactical nous of Hamish Mackay as tactician has been enough to keep them moving in the right strands of breeze throughout the day.

Corson's Salamander XVIII scored a fifth and a first for the day to lead Class 2, by two points from the J/109 No Naked Flames from the Quoile YC owned by Niall and Andrew Allan. Their pair of fourth places today keep them as serious contenders, while Chris Bonar's Bateleur 97 which is usually good in the light conditions won the first race but had a bogey score in the second with a fifteenth.

In IRC Class 3 it is becoming something of a Forth benefit as the well sailed IOR design Davidson 36 Hops of Ian McLean leads by four points ahead of the Elan 333 Bite the Bullet (ex Salamnder XVII).

Racing was equally tricky on the Sportboat and 1720 course, where the wind shifts were just as prolific and pronounced.

Andy and Stephanie Lightbown still lead the Sportboat class with their Beneteau 25 Warthog after scoring a fifth and a seventh while the Laser SB3 of Helensburgh's Neil Rosie lies second with two second places today.

In the 1720 fleet, which has 11 entries, the local favourites and defending Scottish Series Trophy champions Ruairidh and Graeme Scott are still the top boat overall in King Quick with an eight point lead over Charlie Frize's The Big. "It does not get any easier here." said Ruairidh with a grin. "In fact with slightly fewer boats it is harder because you can lose four boats like that and that is 40% of the fleet. We're just going to be keeping plugging away and we should get there in the end."


IRC Class 1:
1 Crackerjack (K Miller) 02:08:57,
2 Kerisma (M Kearney) 02:10:34,
3. Fever/Swantastic (Gordon/Diederichs) 02:10:53,

IRC Class 2:
1. C Tyme (R Campbell) 02:04:46,
2. Tundra (Sharpe/McCormac) 02:07:11,
3. Bateleur 97 (C Bonar) 02:07:46,

IRC Class 3:
1 Eauvation 4 (D Clark) 02:22:24,
2. Robo (J Blair) 02:22:59,
3. Miss Tuttles (G Firth) 02:24:33,

IRC Class 4:
1. Bambi (P Doig) 02:18:27,
2. Bite the Bullet (A Smith) 02:19:08,
3. Orrkid (A Orr) 02:19:19

Sigma 33:
1. Carmen (P Scutt) 01:26:28,
2. Squawk (C Porteous) 01:28:47,
3. Sigmatic (D McLaren) 01:29:56

National Sonata Class:
1. High and Dry (M Price) 01:22:13,
2. Pied Piper (A Harper) 01:23:51,
3. Flute (R Schooling) 01:24:36

1720 Sportsboat:
1. The Big L (C Frize) 01:26:04,
2. ADT Fire & Security (S Douglas) 01:26:31,
3. King Quick (R & G Scott) 01:27:20,

Sportboat Class:
1. Pure 6 (Moore/McClure) 01:22:12
2. Carolyn (N Rosie) 01:23:49
3. Baby Blue (J & B Shelly) 01:24:06.

CYCA Class 6:
1. Scooby Doo (D Crowe) 0:0:0,

CYCA Class 8:
1. Upstart (E Thomas) 02:26:33,
2. Blueprint (A Boslem) 02:29:10,
3. Lindisfarne II (J Pearson) 02:32:57

CYCA Restricted Sail
Class 9:
1. Skerryvore II (E Buchanan) 02:42:58,
2. Zara of Doon (Wilson/Lyall) 02:43:17,
3. Xanadu (A Knowles) 02:55:22.

Sun Race 2

IRC Class 1:
1. Fever/Swantastic (G Diederichs) 01:50:16,
2. Crackerjack 01:50:29,
3. Seanachaidh (I Graham) 01:51:43,

IRC Class 2:
1. Salamander XVIII (J Corson) 00:44:45,
2. Tundra 00:45:19,
3. Antix 00:45:33,

IRC Class 3:
1. Hops (I McLean) 00:44:29,
2. Bite the Bullet II (I & H Paterson) 00:46:59,
3. Eauvation 4 00:50:37,

IRC Class 4:
1. Benola (P Gregory) 00:56:46
2. Antix (J Allen) 01:01:38
3. Significant (I MacDonald) 01:09:16

Sportboat Class:
1. Auf Wiedersehen Pet (K & P Murray) 01:16:22
2. Carolyn 01:22:00
3. Baby Blue 01:31:17

1720 Sportsboat:
1. ADT Fire & Security (S Douglas) 01:00:51
2. Runaway (D Wilson) 01:06:11
3. The Big L 01:00:51

National Sonata Class:
1. Scruples (C Tait) 01:07:46
2. Peshwa IV (T Tindal) 01:10:25
3. Pied Piper 01:11:49

Sigma 33 Class:
1. The White Tub (McLure/Stewart) 01:33:18
2. Sigmatic 01:34:24, 3. St Joan (I Nicolson) 01:39:19,

Overall standings after Sunday
IRC Class 1:
1. Crackerjack, 10pts
2. Dark Angel, (E Coneely) 11pts
3. Playing FTSE (J Anderson) 13pts,

IRC Class 2:
1. Salamander XVIII, 11pts,
2. No Naked Flames (A & N Allen) 13pts,
3. Bateleur 97, 14pts,

IRC Class 3:
1. Hops, 8pts,
2. Bite the Bullet II, 12pts,
3. Miss Tuttles, 14pts,

IRC Class 4:
1. Bambi, 11pts,
2. Benola, 12pts
3. Gan'Farr (Duthie/Jack) 16pts

Sportboat Class:
1. Warthog (A & S Lightbown) 14pts
2. Carolyn 15pts,
3. Auf Wiedersehen Pet, 18pts

1720 Sportsboat:
1. King Quick, 9pts,
2. The Big L, 17pts,
3. ADT Fire & Security, 20 pts,

National Sonata Class:
1. Pied Piper, 9pts,
2. Scruples, 9 pts,
3. High and Dry, 10pts,

Sigma 33 Class:
1. Carmen, 6pts,
2. Sigmatic, 10pts,
3. Odyssey (D Watson) 13pts,

CYCA Restricted Sail Class 9:
1. Skerryvore II, 7 pts,
2. Sea-Quin (M Broadbent) 8pts,
3. Zara of Doon, 10pts

CYCA Class 8:
1. Blueprint, 6pts,
2. Lindisfarne II, 7pts,
3. Upstart, 8pts,

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