VIDEO: ORMA 60s in Fecamps

Big breeze and blistering speed off the coast of northern France
Armed with a video camera thedailysail took to the waters off Fecamps this Sunday to watch the 60ft trimarans and one catamaran racing in this season's second ORMA Grand Prix. We apologise for the jerkiness of this video footage which was shot from a bouncing RIB. Our thanks go to Groupama's Vincent Borde for the day out. These files are in .wmv format suitable for viewing in Windows Media Player. Note each clip is around 13MB in size and therefore only suitable for those with broadband connections or a great deal of patience. However in WMP they should stream as the file downloads. Mac users should click on the right hand links to open the files in Quicktime. These files are much smaller - around 4MB each. Tomorrow readers can see our unique video footage from on board Groupama during Sunday's second race. See clip 1 (or in Quicktime format) See clip 2 (or in Quicktime format) See clip 3 (or in Quicktime format)