Maximus beats the multihulls

News from the front end of the JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race fleet

Sunday June 19th 2005, Author: Flavia Bateson, Location: United Kingdom
After a slow beginning, the race to be the first boat back into Cowes turned into a real monohull versus multihull battle. The two Grand Prix French trimarans from La Trinite sur Mer in Brittany started with a flourish but halfway through the race not only had the New Zealand yacht Cityindex Maximus overtaken but also Nokia Enigma and Pindar. Beating in very light airs did not suit Nuku Hiva 2 and she slipped back with her sistership but retaliated strongly on the final reach to the finish, just 39 seconds behind Cityindex Maximus, which had Olympic medallist Ian Walker providing the local knowledge as tactician.

Seven hours after her start in the JPMorgan Asset Management Round the Island Race, the New Zealand boat Cityindex Maximus completed the 50 mile course around the Isle of Wight and took the Observer Trophy for the first monohull boat to finish.

Early in her race, as the front of the fleet approached Hurst the SE breeze went very light, first in mid-channel where Nuku Hiva and Pindar slowed, whilst Nokia Enigma and Full Pelt came in fast up the mainland side. Soon however all boats parked just after Hurst Castle whilst the tide continued to sweep them west. By Warden buoy, a SE breeze began to fill in and all the boats began moving again, those in the middle this time picking the breeze up first. A reach to the Needles saw Nuku Hiva 2 pass her ORMA stable mate and she was first round just before 1000, followed by Maximus second, Nuku Hiva third and then Pindar and Nokia Enigma. The breeze held as the leaders set off on the beat for St Cat’s. But behind the leaders the wind in the west Solent remained extremely light and fickle, sometimes from the north, sometimes the west, sometimes the south-east!

Just after 1145, Nuka Hiva 2 rounded St Cat’s about 4 minutes ahead of Cityindex Maximus, with Nokia Enigma and Leopard next. The breeze soon swung to the north-east and dropped very light, so a slow beat ensued up to Dunnose and across Sandown Bay, where Cityindex Maximus took the lead, followed by Nokia Enigma and Pindar, with the two multihulls in 4th and 5th. Behind them, more than 300 of the smaller boats were still struggling to get through Hurst and down to the Needles.

By 1345, Cityindex Maximus was round Bembridge Ledge as the breeze picked up again, spinnakering away to the Forts, followed by the rest of that lead group. An hour later, she crossed the finish line in Cowes, just 51 seconds ahead of Nuka Hiva 2.

In IRC0 Linklaters Fidessa Fastwave (DK46 - Robert Elliott) beat sistership Shockwave (Nick Lutte) by 7 minutes on corrected time after an eight hour race. Further down Shirley Robertson skippering Volvo for Life was just 37 seconds adrift of Hurley Palmer Flatt and had to settle for sixth place.

Emma Richards was racing Pindar Alphagraphics with sponsors and supporters on board and won the Open 60 class from Mike Golding in Ecover. Emma commented: "We had a good, light wind start. The breeze built slowly towards The Needles. Ecover was always on elastic - we'd build a lead and she'd catch up, especially when the wind was coming from different directions. We were delighted to complete this race well, having retired from the Calais Round Britain."

Emma's crew included Mike Sanderson, Brad Jackson and Dave Endean, currently in training for the Volvo Ocean Race, plus Pindar CEO Andrew Pindar and transatlantic rower Debra Veal. Emma will next be racing Pindar in the Rolex Fastnet Race.

Kit Hobday's Bear of Britain was one of the first casualties on the race course when she retired soon after the start - Gurnard Ledge being the culprit.

No overall results are available at this stage, here is IRC 0:

Sail Name T.C.C. Finished Elapsed Corrected Pos
GBR2R LINKLATERS FIDESSA F 1.209 16:11:32 08:21:32 10:06:21 1
GBR46L SHOCKWAVE 1.209 16:17:18 08:27:18 10:13:20 2
IRL4900 OKASAMA 1.249 16:07:46 08:17:46 10:21:43 3
GRE55 AERA 1.332 15:38:51 07:48:51 10:24:30 4
GBR8448R HURLEY PALMER FLATT 1.235 16:16:17 08:26:17 10:25:16 5
GBR5955T VOLVO FOR LIFE 1.235 16:16:47 08:26:47 10:25:53 6
GBR70R STAY CALM 1.356 15:33:57 07:43:57 10:29:07 7
GBR4321 OYSTERCATCHER XXV 1.344 15:41:33 07:51:33 10:33:46 8
GBR236R ERIVALE 1.208 16:37:37 08:47:37 10:37:22 9
GBR998R CUTTING EDGE 1.239 16:26:24 08:36:24 10:39:49 10
GBR88R ISLAND FLING 1.355 15:42:53 07:52:53 10:40:45 11
GBR744R HOTEL CALIFORNIA 1.271 16:18:21 08:28:21 10:46:07 12
GBR2601R SPIRIT OF JETHOU 1.352 15:49:56 07:59:56 10:48:52 13
GBR76R NOKIA ENIGMA 1.498 15:07:51 07:17:51 10:55:54 14
GBR9210 JPMORGAN PRIVATE BAN 1.280 16:25:07 08:35:07 10:59:21 15
US23 BREAKAWAY 1.354 15:59:18 08:09:18 11:02:31 16
GBR1R LEOPARD OF LONDON 1.597 15:06:58 07:16:58 11:37:50 17
GBR8652R SPIRIT OF DIANA 1.254 17:09:41 09:19:41 11:41:51 18
GBR8653R SPIRIT OF JUNO 1.254 17:16:42 09:26:42 11:50:39 19
GBR115 SOJANA 1.519 15:41:07 07:51:07 11:55:38 20
BER2000 VENOM 1.419 16:20:50 08:30:50 12:04:52 21
GBR8651R SPIRIT OF MINERVA 1.254 17:35:46 09:45:46 12:14:33 22
NZL99999 CITYINDEX MAXIMUS 1.774 14:51:00 07:01:00 12:26:51 23
FRA33 FRANCE 2 1.406 17:09:28 09:19:28 13:06:37 24
BEL1 ZEST OF BELGIUM 1.406 17:16:04 09:26:04 13:15:53 25
FRA37 FRANCE 3 1.416 17:12:09 09:22:09 13:16:00 26
GBR2436 FULL PELT X 1.648 15:58:42 08:08:42 13:25:23 27
K808 CREIGHTONS NATURALLY 1.271 19:12:05 11:22:05 14:26:56 28

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