Nautor's Swan endorse IRC

Enrico Chieffi backs RORC's cruiser racer rule

Wednesday May 4th 2005, Author: Jennifer Holl, Location: Italy
Enrico Chieffi, Marketing Director of Nautor's Swan, announced today that Nautor is fully behind the recent groundswell movement for use of the IRC rating rule on a global basis. Nautor feels that the unprecedented cooperative efforts of so many yacht clubs and sailing organisations in the USA and worldwide well serve to reverse the decline in participation over the last few years and begin to foster real growth in the sport of yacht racing.

This statement was made by Chieffi, following the ongoing debate regarding the development of the different rating rules. Although the IMS rule has enjoyed a greater profile in yacht racing, the tables are turning towards the more 'inclusive' IRC rule. Chieffi believes that in order to ensure the popularity of sailing continues to grow globally, a simple and fair handicap system must be widely used, one that evaluates boats in a consistent and uncomplicated way. The IRC rule is designed around these principles, providing a handicap that is driven by participation, allowing a broad range of owners and sailors to enjoy competitive and yet fair racing.

It is an ethos cherished by Nautor's Swan, whose models can be seen at a wide range of regattas and races throughout the world. Swans are not designed around any particular rule and yet they do perform better under the IRC, providing owners with the opportunity to race at some of the most exciting events in the racing calendar.

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