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Interest is growing again in the Etchells with the World Championship coming to the UK again next year

Thursday June 15th 2006, Author: Fiona Brown, Location: United Kingdom
This week Etchells crews are congregating in Cowes ready for the Etchells Open British National and European Championships, which are both being hosted by the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club. Some 40 crews from the UK, Ireland, Australia and the USA are lining up to take part and the British Open Championship runs from Saturday 17 to Monday 19 June, followed by the European Championship from Wednesday 21 to Saturday 24 June.

Those vying for this year's crowns include previous Etchells World Champions Adam Gosling and Stuart Childerley, who will also be defending his UK National Title, and reigning European Champion Nils Razmilovic and his brother Ante who lost out to Nils at last year's Europeans by just one point and is looking for revenge!

Others names to watch out for include America's Cup helmsman Cameron Appleton of New Zealand, Hong Kong's Laurence Mead, Graham Bailey, who will be helming for the unrelated Stephen Bailey, David Bedford, helming for James Howells, American Tom Hughes and British Olympic representative Andy Beadsworth. John Brinkers has found himself a nice spot helming for Shirley Robertson's Yngling crew Annie Lush and Lucy MacGregor, while Jervis Tilley is back to have another go at securing the British and European titles.

Six races are planned for the Nationals, seven for the Europeans and racing will take place in the central Solent under the auspices of PRO Tony Lovell with Geoff Myburgh chairing the jury. Ashore the sailors will enjoy a full social programme hosted by the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club at its Cowes club house.


Sail No Boat Owner Crew
GBR 89 Arbitrator Stephen Bailey Graham Bailey, David Heritage
USA 526 America Tom Hughes Jamie Stewart, Ron Rosenberg
GBR 804 Impulse Mark Jones Dick Cowan, Gareth Owen, Robert Temple
GBR 812 Macado Nigel Harley Ian MacLachlan, TBA
GBR 927 Shamal Tim Herbert Smith/Hugh Evans Hugh Evans, Peter Weller
GBR 937 Evelina Paul Kelsey Chester Maudslay, Guy Manners Spencer
GBR 968 Naughty by Nature Richard Lewis Christopher Smith, Louise Wilson
GBR 987 Bedrock Stuart Childerley Simon Russell, Roger Marino
GBR 992 China White Andrew Cooper David Ricard, Alex Dobson
GBR 993 Golden Beaver Guy Grant Cressida Robson, Stephen Foxworthy
GBR 1009 Mayhem Keith Tippell Jonathan Halliday, Charlie Lamport, Amanda Russell
GBR 1014 Palaver Ron Thompson Dave Mason, TBA
GBR 1015 Matatu Dubh Richard Burrows David Burrows, Peter Coade
GBR 1036 Esprit Robert Elliott B Cockayne, S Richmond
IRL 1038 Eitlean Bourke, McDonald, Murnane Norman McDonald, Dave 
GBR 1039 Blue Genes Lees/Trnage/Rogers David Lees, Peter Rogers
GBR 1067 Slieve Elva David Franks & Graham  Graham Sunderland, TBA
GBR 1075 Extravaganza Cordelia Ellis Richard Ellis, Sarah Allen, Andy Short
IRL 1116 Muddy Paws Anthony Shanks Mark Delaney, Diana Shanks
GBR 1165 Wobbegong Doug Flynn Mark Cartwright, Paul Grant
GBR 1175 Darling S Annie Lush Lucy Macgregor, Annie Lush, Julie Wilkinson
GBR 1187 Shirin Andy Beadsworth Kasper Christoffersen, TBA
GBR 1193 Snatch Andy Oddie Justin Eede, Henry
GBR 1195 Patriot Games Jamie Boag Andrew Yates, Mark Watson, Jack McCarthy
GBR 1196 Best Mate Chris Torrens Peter Williams, Barry Dunning
GBR 1198 Fresh Guidance Simon Williams Cameron Appleton, Billy Bennett
AUS 1250 Bushfire Jervis Tilly Cian O'Carroll, Pete Tindale
GBR 1251 White Pointer Richard Grey John Grey, TBA
GBR 1267 Take Two Merriweather/MacLeod Alistair Macleod, James Carr
GBR 1297 9 Mike Sparks Tony Wetherill, Rob Smith
GBR 1324 Pale Tide Ian Law Simon de Lisle, James Keogh
GBR 1325 Festina 2 Mike Till
IRL 1330 O'Grady/Beshoff/Reilly Gerard Beshoff, Paul Reilly
GBR 1331 Yes! Adam Gosling David Howlett, Steve Mitchell
GBR 1332 Gelert James Howells David Bedford, Phil Lawrence
GBR 1333 Swedish Blue Ante Razmilovic Mike Wolfs, Stuart Flinn
GBR 1339 Freelance Laurence Mead Oscar Mead, tba
GBR 1340 Matatu Nils Razmilovic Brian Hammersley, Adam Turk

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