Amateur or professional?

At Rolex Commodores' Cup Nick Haigh explains why he is not sailing on board the DK 46 he normally skippers
It came as some surprise on Monday, the first day of the Rolex Commodores' Cup, to learn that former Farr 40 owner Nick Haigh, the supposed new owner of the DK46 Dark and Steamy, chartered to the Irish and sailing as 1in the Ireland White team, should not be on board despite appearing initially on the crew list. We understand that some time on Sunday the RORC received a tip-off querying Haigh's ISAF Classification on the basis of Dark and Steamy having been chartered to the Irish ostensibly by Haigh and him then sailing on board as crew. Under ISAF's Sailor Classification Code this combination of acts elevates Haigh from being a Group 1 Amateur as defined by the code to being a Group 3 Professional. "It came as a surprise," Haigh told thedailysail of the call he received giving him this news on Sunday night. "The Notice of Race 14.c said a protest shall be submitted on classification issues and there was no protest, but that was overruled by ISAF." If Haigh is the owner of the boat then clearly ISAF are in the right to make him Group 3 according their code. This exact scenario is laid out on page 14 of the Frequently Asked Questions associated with the code where it states: "Q. An owner charters out his boat but never races on board her during the charters. Is he Group 1? A. Yes, provided there are no other reasons to be Group 2 or 3. Q. An owner charters out his boat and races on board her during the charter. Is he Group 1? A. No, he is Group 3. Q. An employee or director of a company whose business is paid to charter out boats, races on any of the boats whilst on charter. Is he Group 1? A. No,