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We speak to some of crews about today's racing in the America's Cup
Audio: Team Shosholoza tactician Dee Smith discusses the South African boat, their rig and gives his views about where BMW Oracle Racing's new boat actually has anything interesting beneath the waterline... Click here Desafio Espanol tactician and former 470 and Flying Dutchman Gold medalllist Luis Doreste gave his views about finding themselves up against Alinghi in the first race: "We have to sail them against them one day, but I would prefer to sail against another team, not Alinghi in the first race because it is more motivation. We are more motivated to sail against Alinghi, but now we know that they are better than us, a little faster than us but when we have our new boat, we will want to sail against them." During that race the Spanish team surprised everyone but initially getting ahead of SUI75 however the two boats crossed and SUI75 were able to edge ahead. Doreste explained what happened: "We preferred the left, so we tried to protect the left and it was good, but when we crossed them we had a big left. So we knew we had more pressure on the left in the beginning and we expected the wind to right again. But it didn’t. When they crossed us they went to the right a bit more and they got the right we were expecting. We didn’t tack because we had a good left and we were expecting the wind to go to the right again." In the second start Desafio Espanol was roundly nailed in the pre-start as +39 helm Iain Percy attempted to push them out at the boat end. The Spanish went for the gap when there wasn't one and picked up two penalties as a result: "It was not a good manoeuvre. We thought we had room to