A look around the old lady

Recent European championship regatta winners Marks Mendelblatt and Strube gives us a guided tour to their Star boat.
The Star...the most ancient of the Olympic classes but campaigned by so many of the top names in our sport...Cayard, Coutts (occasionally), Kostecki, Grael, Iain Murray, Mark Reynolds, Freddie Loof, Xavier Rohart, Iain Percy. While racing was on hold due to no wind at the European Championship a few weeks ago, the eventual regatta winners, Laser Olympic sailor turned Star helm, Mark Mendelblatt and his beefy crewman, Star and America's Cup veteran Mark Strube, kindly gave thedailysail a guided tour to their fine craft. For a 22ft long keelboat the Star contains a massive amount of rope to control the sails and the highly tweaky rig. In this 10 minute long clip the Marks discuss the feature of their Lillia and talk about how they sail it. Click here to watch this 11 minute video. NB: This clip is formatted to play in Windows Media Player and is BIG - 44MB - therefore only suitable for those with broadband connections. Mac users can now view WMV files by downloading a suitable add on to Quicktime - we for example use Flip4Mac which works a treat. The only noticable difference is that while the clip will play out while downloading on a PC, on a Mac it must download first.