Video: A tour of the Darsena

We take the RIB tour to see latest developments at the America's Cup marina
With the America's Cup Acts happening here this year followed by the Louis Vuitton Cup challenger series and then the America's Cup proper in 2007, so considerable development has been taking place in the Darsena marina, home to the America's Cup class yachts. On Monday we went out on a RIB with Julian Hocken and Canadian Cup guru Peter Rusch (our thanks to both) to get the guided tour of what is going on in the harbour, to the newly opened bases, the titanic bases of the 'big four', the bases where there is much activity and wjhere there isn't. In this first clip we take a look at the bases and the new superyacht dock and have a bit of a gossip. NB: This clip is 10 minutes long and 52MB in size and therefore only suitable for viewing via a fast broadband connection. It is a .wmv file and therefore only suitable for viewing in Windows Media Player. Despite the size of the file this should play out as it downloads. For the 'full screen' experience hit Alt-Enter while in Windows Media Player. In the second clip we look at the new canal and the enormous outer harbour. This file is 32MB in size.