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A look at the fifty strong entry list who start racing next week in Cowes

Thursday July 12th 2007, Author: Marina Johnson, Location: United Kingdom
J D Sarraquigne and his yacht Bravade IV will be working hard to defend their title in the 2007 Six Metre World Championship when he comes to Cowes to compete against a record number of 50 International Six Metres from around the world.

The fleet is gathering from Monday 16th July to prepare for the event, whose racing starts on Thursday and continues through to Monday 23 July. The crew list reads like a who’s who of Metre Rule history. It includes America’s Cup designers Doug Peterson and Ian Howlett, and America’s Cup helmsmen and crew, among them Lawrie Smith and team members from Valencia.

While the Six Metre Class has never been as competitive as it is today, it is steeped in history. The fleet, which will be the largest Six Metre fleet that has ever been seen in the UK, includes Classic sixes from the early 1900s as well as Modern yachts - technically innovative examples that have been designed and constructed within the last few years.

2007 is a special year for the Six Metres as the Metre Rule celebrates its 100th anniversary. Most of the Sixes here in Cowes will go on to compete in the four day Metre Centenary regatta immediately after the Worlds finish.

A feature of the week is the staging of a 2-race revival of the British American Cup which was first conceived in 1921 when a group of American and British yachtsmen raced in six-metres. Four boats on each team raced alternatively in the Solent and at Seawanhaka, NY, until the 1950s. Four of the UK’s classic Sixes, which took part in the original events, will face four of the original American yachts, some now with owners of other nationalities, to race for team victory.

The elegant Classics include Doug Peterson’s 1931 built Bobkat II and Sean Cullinan’s Cailin which was built before 1914. Boats to watch out for in the honours lists include Olympic legend Thomas Lundquist campaigning his Swedish modern Six Sting, and Battlecry which was runner up two years ago. Scoundrel will be campaigned by Rob Grey, and is believed to be one of the fastest sixes, built by the late Bruce Owen.

Classic Division

Boat Name Sail No. Nationality Owner/Charterer Year of Build
Aida GER59 German Katrin & Bjoern Storsberg 1936
Beausobre SUI15 Swiss Jean-Daniel & Pierre Guex 1930
Bobkat II US54 American Doug Peterson 1931
Cailin F23 Irish Sean Cullinan pre-1914
Carin II CAN8 Canadian Chris Wittstock 1939
Dix Aout FRA111 French Pierre-Paul Heckly 1950
Duet K15 British D K Walters & Andrew McIrvine 1926
Erica GBR57 British Peter Andreae Esq 1938
Fagel Bla SWE6 Swedish Fredrich Dahlman 1937
Finvola GBR19 British Jurjen Lunshof 1925
Fiona NED46 Dutch Jan Willem Ypma 1935
Flapper N71 American William N Booth 1939
Lisbeth V SWE136 Swedish Johan H Larson 1932
Maida GBR1 British Richard Rankin 1932
Maybe VIII FRA105 French Andre Chaudoye 1953
Melita GBR42 British David Roberts 1934
Mena GER30 German Dr Thomas Kuhmann 1946
Nada K12 British Peter Harrison 1930
Nancy US60 American Bill Green 1932
Noreg N72 Dutch Marc Heijke 1939
St Kitts III GBR66 British Andrew Thomas 1936
Sun Ray DEN64 Danish Erik T Larsen/Hans J Oen 1939/2005
Titia GBR22 British Andy Postle & Brian Pope 1952
Toy FIN44 Finnish Kenneth Peranen 1938
Victoria GBR69 British Martin Belvisi 1933

Modern Division

Boat Name Sail No. Nationality Owner/Charterer Year of Build
Battlecry GBR89 British J Korn & J Phelps 1988
Bear GBR102 British Rees Martin 1989
Berta SWE121 Swedish Lars Engelbert 1988
Bluebird SWE124 British Robin Richardson 1981/9
Bravade VI F116 French J D Sarraquigne 1988
Conch Fritters BAH1 British Robert Leigh-Wood 1985
Cream GBR100 British Nick Morgan 1978
Courage IX GER118 German Dietrich Gruenau 1989
Fleau SUI77 Swiss Bernard Haissly 1981
Georgia GBR99 British Tom Richardson 1990
Gubbrora SWE135 Swedish Claes Ahlin 1985
Jungfrun SWE133 Swedish Peter Norlin 1986/1995
Kirlo GBR81 British Ian Howlett 1981
Scoundrel GBR96 British Rob Gray 1989
Scoundrel 1 GBR86 British Robert Bicket 1986
Shadow VI GBR93 British Richard Farman 1988/98
Sting SWE 123 Swedish Thomas Lundqvist 1989
Tempest GBR105 British Avia Willment 1986
Temptation III SUI104 Swiss Beat Furrer 1982
Thisbe HKG2 British Don J L Wood 1987
Tsigane FRA107 French Stefan O'Reilly-Hyland 1982
Valhalla GBR106 British Paul Smith 1981
Wildcat II GBR94 British Andy & Cathy Ash-Vie 1989

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