Is this Alinghi's 2/3rds scale AC90?

We look at Dan Meyer's new 66ft Judel-Vrolijk designed, Alinghi inspired, IRC boat Numbers
A long way away from Valencia, a new 66 footer was quietly launched in Rhode Island in October for one of the US's top race boat owners, Dan Meyers. For almost a decade Meyers has campaigned a series of boats called Numbers, and unusually, given the number of quality US sailors there are, these have always been sailed by a world class roster of ex-Team New Zealanders of the Butterworth-Coutts generation. At the recent East Coast IRC Championship in Annapolis, there were many familiar faces on board, free from their 'swirl' emblazoned grey uniforms of the Alinghi team, such as Brad Butterworth, Murray Jones, Lorenzo Mazza, Curtis Blewitt and Juan Vila. Many of the key Alinghi sailing team, including Warwick Fleury and Simon Daubney, had input into the sail wardrobe which was designed by Alinghi's own sail designer Mike Schreiber. The new Numbers was designed by Judel-Vrolijk, Rolf Vrolijk being Alinghi's Principle Designer, while the structure, build, and part of the project management was carried out by Dirk Kramers and his SDK business partner Steve Koopman, Kramers being Alinghi's Chief Design Engineer. The boat has a lifting keel like another recently announced 90 footer... Given all this, it wouldn't take the most imaginative conspiracy theorist to conjure up the notion that the new Numbers might be a two-thirds-ish scale version of the new AC90 Cup boat, a boat that Alinghi claim they only started to consider in July after the Cup was over, this 'unfair design advantage' of course being one of the major concerns of BMW Oracle Racing and the other disgruntled challengers that has led to the future of the America's Cup currently being in the hands of a New York Supreme Court judge. "No. It is a good rumour though," Brad Butterworth told thedailysail when we queried