Yacht racing business forum

We look forward to this grand get-together in Monaco this December
30 million Euros local economic benefit to Palma from the Superyacht Cup, £20 million to the Isle of Wight for Skandia Cowes Week, these events are just some examples of the economic benefits yacht racing brings to venues and small fry compared to the reach large corporations are getting from their support of the America's Cup, Volvo Ocean Race or evet the Open 60 class. In short the commercial side of yacht racing is currently riding the crest of a growing wave...(read more in our sponsorship section here). To study this further the Swiss-based Informa Yacht Group, new owners of the Superyacht Cup, as well as the boat shows in Monaco and Abu Dhabi, have launched the World Yacht Racing Forum to be held at the famous Grimaldi Conference Centre in Monaco on 10-11 December this year. Specifically the conference is sub-titled 'the business of yacht racing' and hence intends to focus primarily upon sponsorship of our sport. Informa has already established the F1 equivalent, the Motorsport Business Forum and an important feature of their latest forum is that it will take place alongside its motor racing equivalent within the Grimaldi centre. Informa are planning a 'Track and Ocean' cocktail party on the evening of 10 December as a networking opportunity between the Formula One and yacht racing communities. Informa are not the first to have had this idea. According to Informa's Chris Trainor, when he attended the Motorsport Business Forum last year, Team Shosholoza were present trying to drum up support for their America's Cup campaign. In our many interviews with sponsorship experts and corporate marketeers, there is a general trend for companies who have been involved with Formula 1 for many years to be considering pastures news and an awful lot of bang for buck can be gained