Video: On board a new generation TP52

In Alicante thedailysail hooks a ride with Riccardo Simoneschi's Judel Vrolijk Audi Sailing Team powered by Q8
Yesterday off Alicante thedailysail was invited to sail on board Riccardo Simoneschi’s new Judel Vrolijk-designed TP52 Audi Sailing Team powered by Q8, along with the likes of Philippe Presti and Tommaso Chieffi for the pre-start Audi MedCup training day. In part one we negotiate two starts, one successfully... Click here to view this In part two after two starts the TPs are allowed to set off around the course for a warm-up race that is won by Quantum Racing. Click here to view this NB: This video is formatted to play in Windows Media Player and is LARGE in size - therefore only suitable for those with a broadband connection. Mac users can now view .wmv files by downloading a suitable add on to Quicktime - we for example use Flip4Mac which works a treat. The only noticable difference is that while the clip will play out while downloading on a PC in Internet Explorer, on a Mac it must download first.