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Reaction to the latest machinations in the America's Cup and a word on ACCBank Cork Week
'Hurrah' and 'I think its great what is going on with the America's Cup' and 'the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court seem like a smart bunch of guys' are sentiments not in our mailbox following the ruling yesterday from New York flipping the 33rd America's Cup back from being a two horse race in one hundred and something foot long multihulls to Alnighi's heavily biased towards themselves affair originally proposed shortly after thier winning the 32nd America's Cup last July: Ross Bateson sends this: Phenomenally, the appeal court misunderstood the point of the DoG once again. I fail to understand how hard it is to read a sentence of English in context. "Having for its annual regatta an ocean water course on the sea" refers to the need to have a water course on the sea on which to hold ones regatta. It was supposed to exclude the Canadian lake sailors that Schuyler believed were off too poor a quality to compete for the Cup. CNEV has a water course, and is thus valid and entirely within the DoG spirit as written by Schuyler. Alinghi's puppet it may be, but entirely compliant with the DoG. The Deed also includes the provision that a club with the aforementioned has the right to sail, not challenge, for the Cup. Thus the Desafio regatta, which could have been held several years by the time the Cup match was sailed, would have qualified CNEV anyway. However, the fact that SNG was wrongly allowed to enter into the 2000 Cup without a water course rather put paid to Larry. Mercury Bay, Justice Cahn, now the appelate court have failed to understand what the DoG is talking about. Either way, it is undoubtedly a blessing that the god-awful money match between two stubborn billionaires trying