Controversial conclusion

We speak to some of the heavy hitters in Class SZ at ACC Bank Cork Week
ACCBank Cork Week concluded on Friday in a less than ideal way. Going into the final race, two of the titans of Class SZ were slogging it out for the lead: Niklas Zennstrom’s Tim Powell-driven modified TP52 Ran, with a largely UK crew of rockstars, just a point ahead of American Dan Meyers’ Judel-Vrolijk 66 Numbers, sailed by a mostly Alinghi crew, led by the silver fox himself - Brad Butterworth. But as the SZ boats were due to head off on ACCBank Cork Week’s unique slalom course sadly there was a severe cock-up with the starting sequence. Tim Powell describes what happened: “The race committee screwed up monumentally. They got a bit confused with their sound signals and flags up and down… They got the timing wrong. They dropped the AP and they waited a minute and then they took the class flag up and then a minute later the preparatory went up but then three minutes later we were supposed to have started, rather than four minutes later. So they started the race a minute earlier than it should have been started and there were one or two boats that shot off the line and were a minute up the track as the rest of the fleet were waiting to start.” In the end coming off the water Numbers won the final race on corrected and Ran came third, with Colm Barrington’s modified TP52 Flash Glove in between. This meant that the American boat had won Class SZ by just one point. Understandably, Ran protested the race committee, but the outcome was not the race getting flicked, as the Ran crew had expected, but their being awarded an extra point. This drew them on to equal points with Numbers, but on count back Numbers won the regatta due to