Turboing the TP52

Technical Director of the Audi MedCup Nacho Postigo tells us of the changes for the next two years
While the writing may appear to be on the wall for the TP52 class, within the context of the Audi MedCup, with just 10 boats regularly sailing this season compared to the 20-24 strong fleets that went into battle during the 2006-7 seasons, the class (ie the owners) have been meeting over the course of this season to work through a combination of measures that will on the one hand reduce their campaigns costs while updating the TP52 rule to turbo their boats significantly. Last year, before the world went into economic meltdown, the proposal had been approved for a TP52 Mk2, a brand new, state of the art race boat, but this has now been mothballed, as Nacho Postigo, Technical Director of the Audi MedCup, explains: “The economy and the global situation has changed dramatically. The owners have been sensitive to these changes and have decided that it is not clever to make an interruption and leave the existing boats out of the game, especially when there is nothing wrong with them other than some details and fine tuning that is required.” Thus in Cagliari at the end of July, the owners voted not to introduce the new boat, but instead to transform their box rule, allowing existing boats to be modified and remain competitive. “Basically it is a little bit lighter, sailed by less crew, has a bowsprit, a little more draft, more weight in the bulb, but not radically different from what we can do right now,” says Postigo of the changes. So that was approved unanimously as an alternative plan for 2011, however then discussion turned to ‘what to do in 2010?’ One option was to do nothing, but instead it was decided that many of the changes to be implemented for 2011 could be made a