Alinghi update

Ernesto Bertarelli on court decisions, going back to Valencia (probably) and owner-driving giant catamarans
At their base on the lagoon island at the centre of Ras al Khaimah’s giant Al Hamra Village, Ernesto Bertarelli, Brad Butterworthand the Societe Nautique de Geneve’s America’s Cup committee head, Fred Meyer, today were on hand to discuss the latest surrounding the 33rd America’s Cup. At present of course the BMW Oracle Racing/GGYC suit against the SNG for their breach of fiducary duty as Trustee of the America's Cup is outstanding. Before then we are waiting to hear whether the SNG/Alinghi appeal of Justice Kornreich’s ruling on RAK not being permissible as the venue for the 33rd America’s Cup is upheld or overturned, with today being the first day that the Appelate Division’s verdict may have been issued. However even Bertarelli is not that confident that the verdict will go their way. "I think we have a chance," said Bertarelli. "I hope that the Appelate Division will really look at the whole sequence of events that led to stripping the defender of their right to choose the venue. If you look at the sequence of events it doesn’t make sense and it is not fair. There has clearly been a change of mind, different approaches to that decision were taken to put us where we are. If we are forced to Valencia it is just not right. “It’s not that we don’t like Valencia - that was our first choice, but in the summer. We never agreed to Valencia in the winter, because everyone knows that Valencia in the winter the weather conditions are unpredictable and not very satisfactory. "The same people that want to take us to Valencia now in the winter were those who were complaining about the choice of Valencia and the delays that we faced at the beginning of the Louis Vuitton regatta last time. That