Future America's Cups in multihulls?

We speak to Brad Butterworth and Murray Jones about this and the Notice of Race for the 33rd AC
A side effect of contesting the 33rd America’s Cup in multihulls capable of never previously seen light wind speeds, will be a very different style of racing to a typical match race in monohulls. To anticipate this Alinghi has conjured up a Notice of Race that it hope takes into account unprecidented issues like 60-70 knot closing speeds between the boats at the leeward gate. Architect of the present Notice of Race, Brad Butterworth, acknowledges that this document is still a work in progress. For example there is the possibility that the match racing rules won’t be used - there could be no dial ups or dial downs and no pre-start. There is even the chance the boats will start on their own separate lines. This doesn’t sound much like a match race, we put it to Butterworth? "Well, it is a friendly regatta among nations! But I think both teams are pretty much on the same page. We were trying to work out a way of having good close racing, but trying to keep the boats apart. I think that if you are sitting on them and they are doing 30 knots towards each other...it is hard enough when you are sailing on your own keeping the thing going in the right direction. When the boats are on the free course of course they can tack and gybe where they want and there will still be the same problems when they round marks. But it was really the dial-down or the dial-up which is more difficult on a multihull. We have seen it on the D35s and the 40s when we match raced them. Other than that it is pretty much the same old stuff." And two separate start lines? "I would think that we’d be open to talk to