TP52s' little brother

We take a state of the nation over the GP42 class, holding their Global Cup in Lanzarote this week
Boat Owner Designer Builder Built Formerly AIRIS Roberto Monti Felci Yachts Decision SA 2008 Islas Canarias Puerto Calero Jose Calero Botín & Carkeek Longitud Cero 2007/9 Quebramar-Xacobeo 2010 Goncalo Esteves Botín & Carkeek Longitud Cero 2008 Iberdrola Tourism Madrid José María van der Ploeg Botín & Carkeek Longitud Cero 2008 Caser-Endesa Javier Goizueta Grasset Botin & Carkeek King Marine 2007 Quum Peninsula Petroleum John Bassadone Farr Yacht Design Latini Marine 2006 Roma 1 Roma 02 Filippo Faruffini Farr Yacht Design Cantiere Roma 2008 Team Nordic Magnus Olssen Cognit Design Mtorres 2007 Totalboats Others Swing (ex Movistar) Keisuki Suzuki Botin & Carkeek King Marine 2007 movistar Near Miss Franck Noël Farr Yacht Design Latini Marine 2008 AA HPB Darko Prizmic Botín & Carkeek Murtic Yachts 2007 AlCapOne Botín & Carkeek King Marine 2007 Fermax Botín & Carkeek Murtic Yachts 2007 Seawonder 007 Vittorio Urbinati Reichel Pugh Marine Composite 2007 Zurich Jan Santana Botin & Carkeek King Marine 2007 A new and relatively expense class, that perhaps hadn’t got up a full head of steam going into the present global economic melt down - many perhaps have felt that the days are numbered for the GP42. This might well have been the case had it not been for this year’s union with the Audi MedCup. With the TP52 fleet dwindling from its 20+ strong fleets of two years ago down to around 10-11 in 2009, so the five to seven GP42 teams racing this year have been a welcome addition to the MedCup jamboree. As Jose-Luis Domecq, who now races on Javier Goizueta Grasset's GP42 Caser Endesa, but who for three years previously was on the TP52 Ono, says, the GP42 class are pleased by the association with the MedCup: “I knew the circuit was very well run and I think with this organisation we have got a lot of good things from it. The real Formula 1 [of sailing] are the TPs. If we can stay with them, it will be good for the class. It would have been a much poorer circuit with only 11 TPs, so it is good for everyone.” This week the GP42 class is holding its Global Cup, thanks to strong support from the Calero family, who own a marina bearing their name in Lanzarote where this regatta is being staged,