Musto Cowes photo competition

And the winners are...

Tuesday September 2nd 2008, Author: Andy Nicholson, Location: United Kingdom
First Prize - Musto BR1 Inshore Race Jacket and Trousers value £215
Sarah Kafetz with her Helicopter photo

"Racing in the 40.7 class we were out on the windy Monday when we got tangled up with an Xtreme 40 rescue and ended up with one of our crew getting winched off as a result! An RNLI boat was towing an upside down cat and was urgently asking us to get out of the way. We were running and rushed into a gybe and unfortunately one of our crewmen hit his head on a winch in all the confusion. We then got on the VHF and also signaled the RNLI boat to come and help US! The lifeboat man came onboard assessed the situation and called in the Coastguard helicopter to do an emergency evacuation. Fortunately our crewman was in good shape and recovered fully."

Second Prize: Musto’s latest HPX Race Boots value £170
Matt Boyle - Cowes style

"I was sitting in the bar at Shepard’s Warf after a days racing and was reviewing the scene when in walked these two. The towel over the shoulder is a good look but the other fella, really – blue rubber wellies, yellow surf shorts, a jacket and a brown woolen knitted bobble hat!"

Third Prize: Pair of Musto GP Race Shoes value £70
Kelly McIntosh - downing a tequila

"I was on a Jenny boat at the time I took the photo. I went out to watch some of my family who were in a Sigma 38 race on Mon 4 Aug and as we were returning to the yacht club at Cowes Harbour I spotted 'Tequila' struggling to gather it's sails. That's when I took the photo.

Although the boat looks like it has capsized, it didn't go all the way. They managed to get it upright shortly after the photo was taken, gather together the sails and continue with their race."

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