Solo to the Nab Tower

Simon Curwen wins Petit Bateau's inaugural Nab Tower race

Monday August 18th 2008, Author: Jerry Freeman, Location: United Kingdom
19 singlehanded yachts crossed the start line at Gurnard point on Sunday to contest the first Nab Solo - the second race of four in the new Solent Solo Series organised by Racing at Petit Bateau. Conditions were almost perfect, a nice westerly 15 knot breeze and the spring flood tide kept the soloists honest as they ganged up on the JOG line heading east for a spinnaker start in bright sunshine at 10.10 BST.

Simon Curwen in the J/105 Voador made his customary excellent start just ahead of his Fastnet partner Paul Peggs in Audacious (JOD35) and promptly gybed out into the best tide at Prince Consort, this proved to be a winning move, both in class2 and on IRC, as he was never headed by the class 2 boats and was close on class one boats at the Forts. Chris Rustom won the open event with line honours in Ding Dong (Stuart 38) just 2 minutes and 44 seconds ahead of Rob Craigie in Jbellino (J/122) . Oscar Mead on the J/105 Juneau, was hot after his win in the two handed Nab race( RSYC) the day before and dogged Simon Curwen all the way, getting close at the turning mark and finishing just two minutes behind Voador to take second in class and second on IRC.

Race Director Paul Peggs battled with Peter Newlands, Anticipation (Beneteau 40.7) all the way round but the 8 second losing margin on the water multiplied up to a 1 minute 24 seconds deficit on handicap. Peggs was pleased to have been able to concentrate on his racing for once as the start box duties were smoothly handled by Charles Allen. The next race in the Solent Solo Series will be around the cans, and takes place on Sunday 7 September.

Simon Curwen describes his winning race: '"We started at the Gurnard buoy, gybing on to port on the gun. I put in a short hitch out on port to get in the best of the tide at Prince Consort buoy and to keep clean air. The wind was coming off the island shore after Osborne bay and I felt the breeze was slightly less disturbed offshore which helped me to hold third place on the water behind Ding Dong and Jbellino at the Forts. Oscar had battled through the pack to fourth by this time, in a close contest with Andy Hill on Only Just, also a J/105. The wind had backed to southwest at the No Mans Land Fort and increased slightly so we dropped kites there and fetched to Bembridge and then a had a very short beat to West Princessa.

"I set my small spinnaker for the four mile run out the Nab tower, the wind angle was about 150 true gusting up to 25 knots by this time: ideal J Boat weather. Oscar set his big spinnaker and made a big gain on this leg closing up to about ten lengths at the tower. Andy had an incident with his spinnaker and had a more leisurely white sail leg to Nab. Jbellino enjoyed a couple of wipe outs and that allowed Ding Dong to get around the turning mark with a clear lead in their close fought duel. I managed to pull away from Oscar again on the white sail fetch back to No Man's Land Fort and held on to the lead on the one sided beat back up to Cowes with the new ebb tide."


Pos Boat Skipper Type LOA TCC Cls Start Finish Elapsed Corrected
1 Voador Simon Curwen J105 10.5 1.015 2 10:10:00 14:24:12 04:14:12 04:18:01
2 Juneau Oscar Mead J105 10.5 1.014 2 10:10:00 14:26:12 04:16:12 04:19:47
3 Anticipation Peter Newlands First 40.7 11.92 1.02 1 10:10:00 14:27:06 04:17:06 04:22:15
4 Audacious Paul Peggs JOD 35 10.6 1.03 2 10:10:00 14:27:14 04:17:14 04:24:57
5 Only Just Andy Hill J105 10.5 1.012 2 10:10:00 14:32:12 04:22:12 04:25:21
6 Ding Dong Chris Rustom Stewart 38 11.3 1.081 1 10:10:00 14:16:02 04:06:02 04:25:58
7 Jbellino Rob Craigie J122 12.19 1.093 1 10:10:00 14:18:46 04:08:46 04:31:54
8 Juliette Rod Knowles J105 10.5 1.014 2 10:10:00 14:43:10 04:33:10 04:36:59
9 Solan Goose Peter Olden J92S 9.14 0.996 3 10:10:00 14:52:37 04:42:37 04:41:29
10 Oojah Peter Tanner J110 10.96 0.997 1 10:10:00 14:52:30 04:42:30 04:41:39
11 Outlandish Graham Wilkinson JOD 35 10.6 1.021 2 10:10:00 14:47:42 04:37:42 04:43:32
12 Malice Mike Moxley HOD 35 10.7 1.032 2 10:10:00 14:48:01 04:38:01 04:46:55
13 Fantasea Tony Rowe Dehler 36 10.95 1.011 1 10:10:00 14:57:45 04:47:45 04:50:55
14 Little Spirit Brian Cooper First 375 11.2 0.937 1 10:10:00 15:25:02 05:15:02 04:55:11
15 Nereid John Baily Elan 340 9.99 0.984 2 10:10:00 15:26:13 05:16:13 05:11:09
16 Black Jack Philippe Rigollet First 31.7 9.48 0.959 2 10:10:00 15:35:14 05:25:14 05:11:54
DNC Excape Jonathan Hamlyn Aerodyne 38 11.54 1.107 1 10:10:00 DNC DNC DNC
DNC Arcsine Kathy Claydon Arcona 370 11.1 1.016 1 10:10:00 DNC DNC DNC
DNF Penrod Oupriez First 31.7 9.5 2 10:10:00 DNF DNF DNF
RET Hot Socks Katie Miller Figaro 2 10.1 1.087 2 10:10:00 RET RET RET

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