IMS rule re-jigged

ORC have divided heir rule book in three

Tuesday May 6th 2008, Author: ORC, Location: United Kingdom
The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) is pleased to announce that the previous International Measurement System (IMS) book and its sections have been re-arranged into three documents as described below. This work has been more complex than anticipated, given the layers of changes and new concepts that have been accumulated in the 30 years of development of both the IMS and IOR, which remains the core of the new IMS measurement platform.

“We thank all concerned, especially our boat owners, for their enthusiasm at embracing this new rule and their patience in awaiting it to be available in published form,” said Bruno Finzi, Chairman of ORC. “We are confident the wait will have been worthwhile and that the simplification and clarification work performed will be appreciated.”

There will be no printed version of these Rules, as they are downloadable for free from the ORC website to be saved and printed as needed. Compliance with IMS Rule 304 (a copy of the Rules must be on board while racing) can thus be fulfilled by having the PDF file on a computer, palm top or any other device taken on board while racing.

“Due to the major overhaul, some clarifications or updates may be required in the course of the coming months,” said Nicola Sironi, ORC Chief Measurer. “And whenever any corrections may become necessary, we plan to publish them on the ORC website.”

IMS 2008 is the measurement platform transformed from IMS and reduced to detailed measurement descriptions and instructions, without any reference to the formulae and algorithms that are used to create handicaps. The complete data set of IMS is intended to be used primarily for ORC International and ORC Club, but can also be used by other handicapping systems that wish to adjust their performance analysis or secret or public formulae.

The second part of the text is associated with the Accommodation Regulations, which previously were part of a separate publication, the "optional" IMS Regulations. They are now part of the Rule text, and include the table of standards.

ORC Rating Rules 2008 are the rules to describe how the data collected through the IMS platform are conveyed in measurements and parameters to be used by the VPP to calculate performances, and how these performances are presented in the ORC International and ORC Club certificates, and then used for scoring races.

The ORC Rating Rules 2008 is divided into four sections:

i) Limits and defaults: In this section there are definitions and descriptions, formulae and limits for hull, rig, sails, stability, crew and how they are calculated in the LPP and VPP.
ii) Rules applying when racing: This section describes how sails can be set, rig and boat and ballast adjustments and guidelines to handle measurement differences when they arise during a regatta.
iii) Certificates: It's a description of the various types of certificates available: International, Club, One- Design and their revalidation and invalidation procedures. Samples of International and Club certificates are included. A wider selection can be found in other sections of the ORC website.
iv) Scoring: The various types of scoring methods are described, from the simple single number to the more complex interpolated ones as the Performance Curve Scoring (PCS) with detailed information about the necessary course description, and the algorithms to produce, duplicate and validate race results

The Green Book 2008 is a slightly updated version of the 2007 text, with some small updates regarding the time limit and the Class limits for the 670 Class, whose low limit is set at 618 sec/mi. The part related to GP Classes has been taken out from the Green Book, and separate files for these three classes will be posted in each class section of the site.

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