Cocko wins day one

Peter Campbell reports from day one of the Etchells World Championship in Mooloolaba

Monday August 2nd 2004, Author: Peter Campbell, Location: Australasia
Sydney sailmaker and international yachtsman Michael Coxon took out first winning honours in the eight race ACE Etchells World Championship which started off Mooloolaba today, capitalising on what he described as a “little bit of luck” in the form of a significant windshift near the first mark of the 12 nautical mile course.

With a Pacific Ocean surf pounding onto the beaches of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the fleet of 85 boats enjoyed exhilarating but testing sailing as the northerly breeze freshened from 12 to 17 knots during the afternoon.

However, Coxon, steering North Sydney, had to first overtake his elder brother, former Olympian Richard Coxon, also from Sydney, who led over the first two legs of the 12 nautical mile course with The Bottle, and two other Etchells Masters skippers, John Savage, from Melbourne, steering Cobra IV and Rob Antill from Lake Macquarie , on Trekka.

At the finish, Michael Coxon finished about 40 seconds clear of Peter McNeill's Tom Pepper XVII, from Lake Macquarie, with Savage, a past two times Etchells World champion, third. Antill finished in fourth place and Richard Coxon fifth, losing the lead with a spinnaker handling problem at the end of the first downwind leg of the course.

“We had a terrible start and decided to go right in the hope of gaining some ground and we got that lucky break when the wind swung our way,” Coxon said back at Mooloolaba Yacht Club. “That helped but I think we adjusted well to the changing conditions, changing gears as the breeze freshened to take full advantage of that early lucky break.”

America’s Cup legend Dennis Conner, who won yesterday’s invitation race in Menace, placed 23rd while his former America’s Cup rival, John Bertrand, was back in 37th place at the helm of Two Saints and a Magpie.

Bertrand had been well placed on the first windward leg, but took a 720 degree turn penalty at the first mark after a racing rules infringement with former World champion Cameron Miles, sailing Pacesetter. Miles went on to finish 11th, with Bertrand losing many places in exonerating his rules breach.

Michael Coxon is shaping up as a strong contender for the World Championship, having won two of the lead-up regatta races and finishing second to Dennis Conner in the Invitation Race, Apart from the luck of the windshift, he and his crew sailed well in the testing winds today.

The Sydney sailmaker is a former America’s Cup sailor and varies his Etchells sailing by being sailing master on the super maxi ocean racer, Alfa Romeo.

Crewing with him are former Olympian Steve Jarvin and Will McCarthy, currently a member of the Alinghi crew preparing to defending the America’s Cup in 2007.

Today’s race was delayed for 25 minutes because of a major windshift, but when Principal Race Officer Arthur Hodge fired the gun the 85 boats hit the line in a perfect start.

As the leading boats neared the first windward mark, however, the wind shifted to the right, giving boats on the seaward side of the course a marked advantage, reaching into the mark, while those on the inshore side had to make several extra tacks to reach the mark.

In fact, three Masters skippers (aged over 50 years) were out in front, with Richard Coxon leading from John Savage and Rob Antill. At the end of the second beat to windward, 44-year-old Michael Coxon had edged ahead of his 59-year-old brother Richard and the other Masters while Peter McNeil also worked his way into second place.

At the finish, Michael Coxon won by a comfortable 40 seconds from McNeil, a Lake Macquarie sailmaker with Savage sailing an excellent race to retain third place, ahead of Antill, Richard Coxon and the young Brisbane sailor Jason Muir, sailing Racer XY with a crew of former Sabot champions.

Close astern of Muir came Andrew Hunn from Hobart, sailing Zulu with Chris Pratt from Adelaide sailing well to finish ninth with Squid.

Grant Wharington, the Melbourne yachtsman who pulled out of the Sydney Gold Coast ocean race with his super maxi Skandia early today to fly from Ballina on the NSW North Coast to make the start of the first race of the Etchells Worlds, had a disastrous day, finishing 49th in Satu II.

Two races are scheduled for tomorrow, but currently there is a strong wind warning for Queensland southern coastal waters that may effect racing.


Pos Sail # Crew Subg. Boat R1 Tot
1 AUS1273 Michael Coxon, Will McCarthy & Steve Jarvin North Sydney 1 1
2 AUS915 Peter McNeill, Paul Turner & Greg Torpy Tom Pepper XVII 2 2
3 AUS1287 John Savage, Peter Gillon & Andrew Plympton Masters Cobra IV 3 3
4 AUS1275 Rob Antill, Jason Antill & Joel Antill Masters Trekker 4 4
5 AUS1084 Richard Coxon, David Ritchard & Tim Watkin Masters The Bottle 5 5
6 AUS874 Jason Muir, Lucas Prescott & Steve Lambourne Racer XY 6 6
7 AUS1289 Andrew Hunn, Stephen McCallum & David Connor Zulu 7 7
8 AUS1253 Mark Doyle, Peter Martyn-Jones & Travis Tubman Miramar 8 8
9 AUS1143 Chris Pratt, Grant Evans & Nick Paterson Squid 9 9
10 AUS1219 David Turton, Andrew Turton & Daryl Spicer AUS1219 10 10
11 AUS509 Cameron Miles, Chris Links & David Sampson Pacesetter 11 11
12 AUS865 Bruce McBriar, Tony Bond & Jeff Casley Masters Fast Forward 12 12
13 AUS1254 Julian Plante, Nick Garland, Geoffrey Bonouvrie & Matthew Day Odyssey 13 13
14 AUS1117 Glenn Collings, Steve Young & Jake Gunther Satu 14 14
15 GBR1175 Ted Fort, Iain Morrison & Brian Watson Seniors Susie 15 15
16 AUS832 Damien King, Simon Cunnington, Andy Butler & James Ware Barry White 16 16
17 AUS1121 Ian Johnson, Gary Smith & Tim Ede Bananas In Pyjamas 17 17
18 NZL814 Lindsay Kennedy, Trevor Swinburne & Grahame Catley Masters Upfront 18 18
19 AUS945 Michael Manford, Richard Rowell & Dean McAullay The Croc 19 19
20 AUS1277 Mark Bulka, Glen Ashby & Stewart Nichols Balanced A-Tac 20 20
21 AUS869 John Warlow, Richard Byerly & Tom Jordan Blinky 3 Eyed Fish 21 21
22 AUS1129 Shane Devssen, Murray Larkin & Aaron Heritage Pleasure & Pain 22 22
23 USA1060 Dennis Conner, Peter Burton & Dirk Kneulman Seniors Menace 23 23
24 AUS1131 David Clark, Josh Whittaker & Andrew Smith Little G 24 24
25 AUS867 David Rose, Scott Cavanaugh & Stu Casey The War of the Roses 25 25
26 AUS1274 Rod Jones, James Walker & Patrick Meehan Ethel 26 26
27 AUS1144 David Bull, Scott Miller & Andrew Wilkund Masters Bullet 27 27
28 AUS923 Mark Bradford, Mike O'Brien & Gary Adshead Racer X 28 28
29 AUS1213 Lucas Down, Shane Gaddes, Adam Roberts-Thomson & Sean O'Rourke Whooshka 29 29
30 USA1212 Jonathon Nye, Jan Muysken & David Baker Carina 30 30
31 AUS864 Vaughan Prentice, Chris Anderson, Ashley Deeks & Darren Hutchinson Little Bit Funky 31 31
32 AUS1270 Simon Estella, Bucky Smith & Mal White La Vie Dansante 32 32
33 AUS1134 Robert Weir, Peter Bigelow & Steve Tracey ARGHA Noah 33 33
34 AUS1102 Steve O'Rourke, John Minter & Bruce Swane Panther 34 34
35 AUS751 Steve Gunther, John Collingwood & Russell Hutton Legless 35 35
36 NZL1240 John D. St. Clair Brown, Dennis Kendall & David Barnes Masters Waiwera Infinity 36 36
37 AUS1244 John Bertrand, Richie Allanson & Mark Richards Masters Two Saints &a Magpie 37 37
38 AUS1030 Noel Drennan, Bill Browne & Ernie Lawrence A Cat and Two Saints 38 38
39 AUS1088 Rob Brown, Bruce Wookey & Garry Gudmunson SteamPacket V 39 39
40 AUS963 Rick Maxwell, Simon Shaw & Bradley Moore The Rat 40 40
41 NZL1184 Cameron Appleton, Paul Gudmunson & Peter Merrington Embers 41 41
42 AUS1136 David Royle, Peter Royle & Jon Ward Bohica! 42 42
43 AUS850 Andrew Drummond, Rebecca Alston, Ian Drummond & Arron Drummond Run Like You Stole S 43 43
44 AUS1257 David Lawrance, Barry Hawkes & Jake Newman Masters Temptress 44 44
45 AUS940 Phil Dash, Ed McCarthy & Chris Allen Masters Just a Dash 45 45
46 AUS1255 Wayne Mercer, Andrew Steenhuis & Andrew Freese Next Frontier 46 46
47 HKG1269 Mark Thornburrow, Tim Parsons & Alex Webster HK1269 47 47
48 AUS1160 Rob Bird, Graeme Johnson & Nic Gray Masters Moody Blues 48 48
49 AUS1237 Grant Wharington, Graeme Taylor & Ian Johnson Satu ll 49 49
50 AUS1186 Peter Gardner, Steve Barlow & Grant McKellar Masters Humpback 50 50
51 AUS1025 Greg Mellody, Peter Rattray & Glenn Norton Walk on Water 51 51
52 AUS943 Burke Melia, Mitchell Garbler & Scott Backhouse No Mercy 52 52
53 AUS868 Bruce Hollis, Steve Backhouse & Ben Noble Yandoo XX 53 53
54 NZL892 Grant Turnbull, Keith Hogan & Andrew Willis The Old Hag 54 54
55 AUS720 Mark Sanders, Noel Paterson & Reg Farrell Phantom 55 55
56 GBR1110 Michael Till, Howard Sellars & Angus Luffman Seniors Licorice Allsorts 3 56 56
57 AUS813 Ian Crisp, Dick Stephens & Steffan Lunding Masters That’s Life 57 57
58 AUS951 Mark Soulsby, Michael Fisher & David Lane Fish Factory 58 58
59 AUS852 Trevor Martin, Craig Saint & Robert Stevenson Three Ring Circus 59 59
60 AUS766 Brad Sheridan, Roy Morrish & Paul Spencer AUS766 60 60
61 AUS410 David Nichols, Robert Griffits & Paul Summerbelle New Wave 61 61
62 IAUS1142 Gary Smith, Mark Lovelady & Mike Hughes Tuskany 62 62
63 AUS885 Ray Stone, Glenn Stone & Andrew Thyrd Seniors Razors Edge 63 63
64 AUS893 Michael Bellingham, Anthony Owen & Jamie Hastie Queen Annes Revenge 64 64
65 NZL809 Brian Jones, Rob Bassett & Alan Gwyer Irish Crystal 65 65
66 NZL961 Neil Forrester, Graeme Lucas & Roger Crabtree Masters Va Da Dio 66 66
67 AUS936 John Dunn, Steve Trevillion & Peter Alexander Seniors Bald Eagle 67 67
68 NZL1083 Rob Croft, Tom Warren & Gary Smith Waiwera One 68 68
69 AUS1026 Barry Fairley, Bill Fairley & Wayne Dixon Jack's Hut 69 69
70 BER1249 Tim Patton, David Jones & William Thompson Masters Thrash 70 70
71 AUS1082 Andrew Colliver, Ken Douglas & Blair Coventry Enigma 71 71
72 AUS921 Bill Butler, Darren Spence & Brett Duncan Masters Fury 72 72
73 AUS1150 Bill Steele, Rob Rooke & Roland Lennox-King Seniors Dragon Lady 73 73
74 USA1234 Kers Clausen, Kjeld Hestehave & Eric Arens Masters One for the Money 74 74
75 AUS1022 Doug Kerr, David Healey & John Spencer Masters Screaming Plum 75 75
76 ITA836 Marco Cimarosti, Maurielo Mantico & Federico Parrinello Masters Hobe El Bahar 76 76
77 AUS1272 Sir James Hardy, Bryan Northcote & Antony Shrimpson Seniors Foolhardy 77 77
78 AUS916 David Roberts, Stuart McKay & Brett Shoebridge Masters Mood Indigo 78 78
79 NZL729 Paul Verry, A Emirali, Tim Henderson & Ben Irving No Boundaries 79 79
80 AUS1291 Donald Wilson, Bradley English & Michael Downman The Don 80 80
81 NZL1127 Gavin Gerrard, Ross Bannon & Nik Burfoot Seniors Golli Gosh 81 81
82 AUS767 Jon Harris, Peter Cush & Donald Chapple Gybe Talking 82 82
83 AUS738 Stephen Ingate, Roger Down & Anja Thomsen One Crowded Hour 83 83
84 NZL779 Peter Delaney, Teresa Zandvliet & Bruce Mathers Waiwera NaturallyHot 84 84
85 NZ746 Ian Smith, Nigel Brown & Derek Brown Masters Top 40 86\DNS 86

Sponsors of the Etchells World Championships 2004
ACEAustralian Currency Exchange,MTIAB,Maroochy Shire Council, Queensland Events, Ken Down Architects,Ronstan, North Sails, Mooloolaba Yacht Club & Marinaco, Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd, Zodiac Group Australia, Mainstay Marine, Kevlacat, Dolphin Marine, Peter Campbell & Associates, Advance Sports Sunshine Coast, Peninsular Beachfront Resort, Newport Holiday Apartments, Sun-air bus service, Pacesetter Etchells Pty Ltd, House of Maroochydore, Landmark Resort, The Jetty Specialists, Kelly Green and Co, The Weekender, Win TV, Mix FM, Mooloolaba Yacht Brokers, Telstra Country Wide, Cooroy Mountain Spring Water,,Thrifty Car Rentals, Wedderburn Scales, UKSA, Neumanns, Tasqua Cellars, Southcorp and Sunsport Marine, Century Batteries, Advanced Technology Training, ANZDL, P&O Nedlloyd (Shipping),Kawana IT, Harken, Quickshade, Smith Sails, Westcoast Sports.

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