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New papers filed in New York undermine the SNG's latest arguments

Friday January 4th 2008, Author: James Boyd, Location: United States
Following the Societe Nautique de Geneve striking back against the Golden Gate Yacht Club's win the New York Supreme Court last week (Bertarelli having employed a new law firm), so today, no surprise, that the GGYC is today filing papers refuting the claims being made by te Swiss defenders.

In a nutshell, the GGYC lawyers are claiming that the SNG cannot change its sworn testaments and arguments. The SNG's latest volley argues that the GGYC's multihull challenge is invalid however the GGYC counter-argument says that the SNG had previously validated the American multihull challenge. They cite the recent testimony of SNG Vice Commodore Fred Meyer directly contradicts that of what has previously said not only by Alinghi General Council Hamish Ross by also by Meyer himself. The GGYC argue that at this stage Fred Meyer's latest testimony cannot be introduced.

There is also dispute over the SNG's assertation that the GGYC's challenge includes the word 'keelboat' and precisely what a keel is ie: on a 90ft by 90ft multihull it need not be a lead-filled monohull keel.

Read the full documents here:

Petrocelli Affirmation with Exhibits.pdf Memorandum of Law 1-2-08.pdf

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