Andy Beadsworth interview

In Auckland Ed Gorman speaks to the former Olympian about GBR Challenge and his role within it
Ed Gorman in Auckland spoke to the GBR Challenge's Andy Beadsworth about the prospects for the syndicate, this winter's training and the tricky business of selecting an A-team for the Louis Vuitton Cup. madforsailing: Andy, how do you think the whole GBR Challenge programme is going? What's your feeling about it? Andy Beadsworth: I think that what we've achieved so far has been everything we would have hoped to have done and maybe a little bit more. I think that the important thing is that we are still at the bottom of a very steep hill with an awful lot to learn and it doesn't need to be forgotten. We haven't forgotten that. But what we have achieved is quite remarkable and we've done really well. mfs: What do you see as the main areas where there are still improvements to make? AB: The key area is just learning to sail the boat fast and what makes them go fast including sail design, boat design, foils. We're very new to all of that game. Although we have some very good people involved we don't have a huge amount of experience in the Cup boats particularly in Auckland. The likes of Oracle and OneWorld have picked up a lot of personnel from previous campaigns where we haven't. So we are completely fresh to what makes the boats tick in this venue and we have got a whole lot to learn on foils, wings, rudders, balance, rigs, sails. We're very much at the bottom of that learning curve mfs: But it seems that the general methodology of the syndicate is good in the way that the team is approaching its task. It looks well equipped to make these leaps. AB: I think one of the big things we are trying to make the most of,