Hamble leads opening round robins

At Chubb Insurance International Team Racing in Dublin

Saturday May 10th 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom
After the opening round robin series of the Chubb Insurance International Team Racing Challenge on Dublin Bay today (Saturday), Britain's Hamble River Sailing Club has taken a narrow overnight lead from American arch-rivals Storm Trisail SC from Newport, Rhode Island.

In fresh westerly winds and warm sunshine, the opening round saw a wide spilt in performance across all eight teams. The home team East Coast Sigmas scored well, losing just three races in the day though all three helms have the advantage of racing their own boats in the series.

A second Round Robin contest tomorrow will decide the series that is the annual return match of the Patriots Cup event that takes place between the transatlantic teams in Newport.

Results: (Position/Name/Win/Loss/Boat Name/Helm)

1 Hamble River SC (6/2)
Flyover Sean Barber
Insider TBC
Powder Monkey Philip Meakins

2 Storm Trisail (6/2)
Leeuwin Whitey Russell
Scorcher Tony Parker
White Mischief Dan Rugg

3 East Coast (5/3)
Rupert Paddy Varian
Shillelagh Dermod Baker
War Dance Neil Love

4 Sigma Class (4/4)
Shadowfax Nick Ewart-Smith
Lucent Ben Richards
Oxygen Tim Goodbody

5 Scotland (4/4)
Archetron Roy Summers
Pippa IV Kevin Aitkin
Springer Simon Pender

6 New York YC (3/5)
Gwilli Two Phyl Lotz
Tahoe Heather Gregearl
Upstart Chris Bouzaid

7 Combined Clubs (2/6)
Boojum Tom Fitzpatrick
Moonshine Pierce Butler
Popje Ted McCourt

8 Ida Lewis SC (0/8)
Blue Peregrine Charlie Shoemaker
Dear Buoy Dan Faria
Matico George Kirk

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