Victory for Fauroux

After the French team dominate the 8 metre Worlds in Quiberon reports Phil Crebbin

Saturday June 21st 2003, Author: Phil Crebbin, Location: France
The last day of the 8 Metre World Cup, with two races planned, did not live up to the excitement of the previous day. The wind was very light from the east with only just enough to start the seventh race, conditions that did not suit the heavier, low sail area boats that had not been updated like Lafayette and Mystery in their final quest for podium positions behind the all-conquering Fleur de Lys.

Yquem, always a light air flier and now with a new Van Oosannen designed wing keel, had a good start at the pin and soon found better pressure on the left side to establish a good lead at the first mark. Aluette and Lafayette also had good starts on that side, but did not have quite the same speed and were second and third at the mark, just ahead of Fleur de Lys, Mystery and Gefion all rounding together.

Fleur inevitably got past Lafayette on the first run and then Gefion also went past in the fitful conditions on the second beat. The race was shortened to end at the bottom of the second run, with Aluette doing well to hold off Fleur on the line. Despite Fleur being beaten in a second consecutive race, Jacques Fauroux and his team had of course done enough to confirm their second consecutive World Cup win with their consistently superior performance throughout the week.

This result then put Yquem in second place overall three points ahead of Lafayette, with Lafayette still three points ahead of Gefion and Aluette. A final showdown was eventually abandoned with the wind getting more fitful as it swung round to the south and so these positions remained as the final overall standings.

Cutty Tou was the first classic yacht, doing well to beat Bona in the conditions, but Bona was still the overall winner of the Sira Cup as well as the Coupe Cartier.

Amorevita managed to overtake Catina VI in their private battle during the race to take second overall in the Coupe Cartier, a great result for Avia Willment and her team.

Race 7:
1. Yquem (Jean Fabre, Switzerland)
2. Aluette (Peter Groh, Switzerland)
3. Fleur de Lys (Jacques Fauroux, France)
4. Gefion (Benoit de Gorski / Pierre Bonjour, Switzerland)
5. Lafayette (Jos Fruytier / Philip Crebbin, Holland).
6. Mystery (Ron Palm, Canada)

Final overall after seven races (with one discard):
1. Fleur de Lys              7 pts
2. Yquem                    19 pts
3. Lafayette                 22 pts
4. Gefion                     25 pts
5. Aluette                    25 pts           
6. Mystery                   26 pts

Sira Cup (Classic and Vintage combined):
1. Bona  (Giovanni Mogna, Italy)           38 pts 
2. Cutty Tou (G & A Minos, France)      44 pts
3. Vision  (Tan Raffray, France)            44 pts
4. Sposa II (Josef Martin, Germany)      56 pts

Coupe Cartier (Vintage only):
1. Bona                                                   6 pts
2. Amorevita (Avia Willment, Great Britain) 14 pts 
3. Catina VI  (Fred Meyer, Switzerland)      15 pts

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