Week off for Green

Amid the innocent looking Swallow keelboat boat class lies America's Cup talent
Andy Green, renowned match racer and one of the three helmsmen employed by Britain's GBR Challenge America's Cup team, one would imagine to be sailing on one of the hot shot boats in class 0 or 1. In fact the blonde curly haired 27 year old is currently lying in second place in the Swallow division at Skandia Life Cowes Week. The 25ft 6in keel boat with a 5ft beam is a far cry from the giant America's Cup Class yachts Green has become accustomed to sailing around the Solent. Green has a wealth of sailing experience and achievements under his belt. He is one of the country's top match racers, was part of the Abracadabra America's Cup team and is currently ranked eighth in the world rankings in this elite area of the sport. When asked how his week had been sailing in the Swallow named Archon, he laughed and said, "very, very wet." He is sailing with his brother and father and this is the first time that they have all sailed together. Despite the reputation as one of the UK's best yachtsmen Green readily admitted that he still had a lot to learn sailing the Swallow. "We've certainly been shown a thing or two by the locals" he commented. One of his most memorable moment at this year's Skandia Life Cowes Week was being a bit too close for comfort when a Daring sank. "We were right behind him," he recounted. "It was unbelievable how quickly it went down. You could literally count 3, 2, 1 and it was gone. It almost pulled a Squib down with it. We sailed alongside to make sure that everyone was okay just as the safety RIB arrived. I'm still amazed by it now." His father and brother have had to find a