The Outlaw - pt2

In the second part of our interview with Chris Law, the UBS Challenge winner gives his views on the forthcoming AC
madfor sailing's interview with Chris Law continued from part 1 yesterday... madfor sailing : So who's your favourite to win the Louis Vuitton Challenge series? Chris Law: If I was betting now, Prada v Alinghi with Prada to win. They've got the longest running campaign, they're the most meticulous, they've spent the most money, they've got the most successful designer in modern America's Cup history. And Doug Petersen this time has got what he wanted. He's got Ian Howlett, who's probably best the tank testing designer having designed Lionheart, Victory and White Crusader. They have a very strong management structure in Laurent Esquier who has done all the challenges since 1980. Francesco [de Angelis] I think did a very good job last time if you consider that he beat Cayard - and whatever anybody said, Cayard did have the money and they had millons of dollars left over at the end and they had two very good boats, he was a very good match racer and he'd won the Louis Vuitton Cup twice. And he got beaten by Francesco. If you look at Torben [Grael], he walked out of that programme and immediately won a Star bronze medal. Look at Gavin [Brady] he joined them and then immediately came second in the Star Worlds by a point and I think I'm right in saying he's had 4-5 seconds on the circuit (Swedish Match Tour). They have the makings of a very strong afterguard. And if you look at Rod (Davis), he started on the bow in Newport in 1980 and has slowly worked his way back. He is probably the best America's Cup coach/B boat driver/America's Cup enthusiast and he himself has won a gold and silver. They had the pick of the designers and they're aren't short of money. Russell - he owns