Louis Vuitton fun

Winners and runners up in our caption competition
Thanks for all your replies which have been run through the laugh-o-meter. There can only one winner of the coveted Gerber multi tool, but there are some excellent runners-up too. Winner, Andy Besheer NY, USA Bertarelli to Dickson: "Don't worry mate, Dalts says after the first step or two you won't even notice the pineapple's there..." Runners Up Brian Roche: "I'd hug you but I don't hug losers" James Garnier: "The boss got some viagra from the yanks on the cheap and it made this much difference to the pole length!!" Stuart Childerley: "Of course Chris, I will get my Swiss banking friends to call you!" Andrew Norey: "I'm a Kiwi...I am warning you...don't you kiss me Ernesto" And for picture number two, Ellison and Coutts Winner: Andy Besheer, NY, USA Ellison: "Ok, ok, you can have $6 mil per year, the Oracle options, Katana 6 months out of 12 but there's no way I'm getting up on that podium and saying "Bill Gates is my hero"...." Runners Up Andrew Norrie: "Try trimming that thing Larry..." Simon Stonehouse: "Screw that sailing business let's get down to what's really important. OK ready.... 1,2,3,4 I declare thumb war" Brian Roche: "You may have won the Cup, but at least I can grow a beard" Matthew Jess: "Well, Larry, if our boat needs a j-lo to make it quicker, I reckon you lot need a Pavarotti!"