Hamble Winter Series

Results from Sunday's blustery racing

Monday November 4th 2002, Author: Andy Nicholson, Location: United Kingdom
The HRSC Winter Series fleet, sponsored by Tyco Healthcare with day sponsor Pencarrow, had another windy Sunday out on the Solent.

The breeze was less vicious than previous Sundays, although difficult to predict as the breeze went up and down over 15 knots in various squalls.

Fortunately for the crews (and owners) damage was pretty limited, with no snapped masts or sinking sportsboats reported this weekend. However, at one point during the racing, three container ships the size of Earls Court decided to have their own little 'pre start dial up' off Cowes, which kept various fleets on their toes.

However there was:
1. A Prima 38 was cut in half during a T-Boning in IRC1
2. There was another, but less serious T Bone in the 707 fleet
3. The Ker 11.3, El Gringo, was held out over the layline on their downwind finish, heated up to get around the committee boat, blew the kite halyard, which then collected the committee's VHF antena. El Gringo then summond a rib to collect 'A part of the committee's communications equipment that needs returning'

So a normal Sunday then.

The series in now halfway through, next weekend not counting, as the traditional charity pursuit race takes place. Keep your eyes on The Daily Sail for a half time round up of the Winter Series coming this week.

IRM (First Race)
1. Too Steamy
2. Bounder
3. 2XL

IRM (Second Race)
1. Bounder
2. Too Steamy
3. Fair Do's V

1. Kirirbilli
2. Chernifkeef
3. Thunder

1. Firestorm
2. Kier Building With Flair
3. Slavo

1. Waverider
2. Aquaholix of Hamble
3. Carpet Bagger

1. Dick Dastardly
2. Panache
3.Prime Cut

1. Ceilia Mary
2. Funtastic 2
3. Tradegy

707 (First Race)
1. Chilli Chaser
2. 3 Little Pigs
3. The Sweeney

707 (Second Race)
1. Chilli Chaser
2. 3 Little Pigs
3. Black Sheep

1720 (First Race)
2. Le Bouchon
3. Running Guns

1720 (Second Race)
2. Yachts and Yachting
3. Le Bouchon

1. Jos of Hamble
2. Magi
3. Judgement Day

Mumm 30 (First Race)
1. Warp Factor VI
2. Highlander III
3. Mumbo Jumbo

Mumm 30 (Second Race)
1. Highlander III
2. Warp Factor VI
3. Monkey Business

Sportsboat (First Race)
1. 3 Sad Old Blokes
2. Turbo Service Intl
3. Seeing Red

Sportsboat (Second Race)
1. 3 Sad Old Blokes
2. Hyde Sails
3. Turbo Service Intl

Sigma 33
1. Scaramouche of Southampton
2. Jupa
3. Prospero of Hamble

Sigma 38
1. Highland Spirit
2. Rapscallion
3. Red Arrow

1. Carabistouilles 2
2. Peanut
3. Brightwork

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