The spying game

Le Defi Areva's Sebastien Destremau describes the amusing scenario of Alinghi lining up against Oracle
Yesterday could have just been another day at the office with the practice races organised by the CORM. At 9am, the whole fleet of AC boats followed by an army of motor boats, tenders, weather boats etc ... left the "Viaduct Basin" like any other day. Except that today, a special match was scheduled on the Hauraki Gulf: The Titan's match with two heavy weights of the soon to start Louis Vuitton Cup: On the right side and yellow corner, Alinghi and its bunch of mercenaries driven by the Lord of the America's Cup Russell Coutts and on the left and blue corner, Oracle, the awsome American team backed by billionaire Larry Ellison. These two challengers have the biggest compounds, the flashiest cars, the biggest fleet of support and weather boats, dozens of different sails, the most and biggest of everything's s in comparison to the other syndicates.... They firmly believe that they are the strongest teams in the field and are already forecasting on meeting each other in the LVC finals early January. They have yet to be there and only future will tell. Meanwhile approaching their race course, two things were quite surprising. Firstly, they were the only pair using the blue circle when six others syndicates were sharing a crowded yellow one. You can just wonder why or how they achieve this privilege? However what was really amazing was the incredible number of powerboats from "rival" syndicates. Team New Zealand, Prada, Le Defi Areva, One World, etc ....all of them were there to have a "look and see". As soon as the race started, ten powerboats started to chase the two competitors. It has to be mentioned that it is completely against the rules as spectator boats must stay outside the race course however the 'marshall' couldn't do anything to stop